Mid-Fall Ratings (Oct. 17th-Nov. 10th) Super Bantamweight, Junior Welterweight, Heavyweight, P4P (What's Next)

Pound for Pound:

1. Floyd Mayweather (WBA Junior Middleweight Champion)

2. Andre Ward (Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion)

3. Sergio Martinez (Undisputed Middleweight Champion)

4. Nonito Donaire (WBO Super Bantamweight Champion, The Ring)

5. Juan Manuel Marquez (WBO Junior Welterweight Champion)

6. Manny Pacquiao

7. Timothy Bradley (WBO Welterweight Champion)

8. Wladimir Klitschko (Undisputed Heavyweight Champion)

9. Guillermo Rigondeaux (WBA Super Bantamweight Champion)

10. Miguel Cotto

Super Bantamweight (122lbs):

1. Nonito Donaire (WBO, The Ring)

2. Guillermo Rigondeaux (WBA)

3. Abner Mares (WBC)

4. Anselmo Moreno

5. Vic Darchinyan

6. Carl Frampton

7. Wilfredo Vasquez Jr.

8. Jeff Mathebula

9. Takalani Ndlovu

10. Rico Ramos

Dropped Out: Steve Molitor (Retired), Toshiaki Nishioka (Retired)

Heavyweight (200lbs+):

1. Wladimir Klitschko (World Heavyweight Champion)

2. Vitali Klitschko

3. David Haye

4. Tomasz Adamek

5. David Price

6. Alexander Povetkin

7. Chris Arreola

8. Seth Mitchell

9. Tyson Fury

10. Derek Chisora

Junior Welterweight (140):

1. Danny Garcia (Undisputed Junior Welterweight Champion)

2. Juan Manuel Marquez (WBO)

3. Lucas Matthysse

4. Zab Judah

5. Brandon Rios

6. Amir Khan

7. Mike Alvarado

8. Lamont Peterson

9. Erik Morales

10. Pablo Cesar Cano

What's Next?

David Price: David Price enters my heavyweight mid-Fall ratings after his first round destruction of Audley Harrison. We saw A-Force knocked silly in a fight where he looked out of his depth and simply too inferior to have ever stood a chance against a real legit contender and possible world champion in David Price. I know some might look at this victory with passing glance because let's be honest, Harrison was done as a serious world level operator some time ago, but there's no doubt Price did what he had to do and in dazzling fashion. The fight most people want and the one David wants is the Tyson Fury clash. While that seems the most plausible given their history and given Fury's weird rant during an interview and on Twitter, where he called Price "Tony Bellew's gay lover" and a "stiff idiot", I think the right fight for David and one that would send serious shock waves through the division is a fight with David Haye.

However it all would depend on whether or not Haye wants to set aside his desire to face Vitali Klitschko and turn his focus to Mr. Price in the meantime. Who knows, the winner could very well fight Vitali in the summer of 2013.

Nonito Donaire: In the case of Nonito Donaire the man simply can't win for winning. He wins, plain and simple, and yet he's one of the most overly criticized and honestly the most overly critical fighter in the world. If he's not putting the burden on his own shoulders to replicate the highlight reel dispatching of Fernando Montiel every time he fights, it's the fans complaining and slighting him for not being more dominant.

Let's face it, anything short of Guillermo Rigondeaux will haunt Donaire because most fans and boxing experts consider both champions the clear cut 1&2 in the super bantamweight division. It must annoy him to no end to constantly be asked questions during interviews about the Cuban Rifle, but it comes with the territory. Donaire became the number one at 122lbs over the weekend after beating Toshiaki Nishioka; who will likely retire from the sport.

The quickest way to solve the problem is to fight Rigondeaux next year in a big unification bout at the Home Depot Center in California. Yes Nonito is right when he says Rigondeaux brings absolutely nothing to the table in terms of star power and drawing potential. But a fight with him would elevate both champions regardless of who wins. This has the potential of being one of the best fights of 2013 if it's made. Both fighters are promoted by the same company so any excuse along those lines are unacceptable.

There's no doubt Donaire v Rigondeaux is on the same level as Ward v Dawson, maybe even more so. Then again, if Donaire fights Ringondeaux and loses, fans will pounce. If he beats Rigondeaux but doesn't stop him, fans will criticize him for that as well. I guess Nonito is just one of those fighters that no matter how many times they win, it'll never be enough for the fans.

Brandon Rios: There are good ideas and there are bad ideas. A fight between Lucas Mathysse and Brandon Rios is a very good idea and one fans are talking up more and more after this weekend. However a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios is a very bad idea. Bob Arum needs to stop with the ballot dancing and make the fight with Mayweather for the summer of 2013 at LA Memorial Stadium, Dodgers Stadium, or Dallas Cowboy Stadium.

Enough is enough, fans don't want to see Rios v Pacquiao. What does that fight mean? Of what significance is there to have a fading Manny Pacquiao fight a hard, 25 year old brick thrower who's tough as railroad spikes? Usually when a fighter is heading toward the end of the path, you want to see them in fights that matter to their legacy. Fighting Brandon Rios is a notch on Pacquiao's belt, nothing more. Rios is overrated and you know what, we don't need Manny Pacquiao to show us that because Richard Abril already did. Abril boxed Rios' ears off and really exposed Brandon as a fighter whose ceiling is relatively low in terms of long term success. At the end of the day he's an action fighter with a growing fan base, but he'll never be a threat to anyone who knows how to effectively outbox him and stay out of danger. I think Zab Judah and Amir Khan would beat Rios easy.

Rios v Matthysse or Rios against the winner of Garcia/Morales II. These are much more plausible and a lot more reasonable options for Brandon.

Here Me Out:

If Devon Alexander beats Randall Bailey this weekend....dare I say, now here me out on this:

Bradley v Alexander II: WBO/IBF Unification Bout. You then set up a fight between Kell Brook and Paulie Malignaggi for Paulie's WBA title, and the winner of that would fight the winner of Bradley-Alexander II.

2012 Trap Fight of the Year:

Cotto v Trout

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