Rios vs Alvarado: Mike Alvarado ready, expects Rios to be in shape

Ethan Miller - Getty Images

Mike Alvarado says he's not worried about Brandon Rios missing weight, which has happened in Rios' last two outings, and adds that even if he does, he'll still fight on October 13.

"Mile High" Mike Alvarado says he's got no concerns about his October 13 opponent Brandon Rios having problems on the scales, after Rios has missed weight for two straight fights, and adds that even if Rios did miss weight in a new weight class, he'd still fight him:

"I would still go through with the fight (if Rios doesn't make weight). I'm a bigger fighter than him either way but there is no reason why he can't make it. He said he's already at 145. He should be motivated. I hope he's in the best shape ever. I love big challenges. He should be on point."

Alvarado (33-0, 23 KO) might be the favorite for this fight right now -- Rios, of course, has had more Top Rank push over the last couple of years, but while Rios has made lots of noise and talked a ton and drawn attention to himself, Alvarado has been doing basically the same things, except a weight class up, and without the same attention from TV and media.

But Alvarado has been in exciting wars, winning them, and he's good to go. At 32, his time to advance is now. He's delayed his own rise in the past, but he's gotten himself committed to the sport and it's showing in his performances.

All that said, Rios (30-0-1, 22 KO) isn't going to be a pushover, either, and if the move to 140 suits him (it should, in terms of not being half-dead in the ring again), then I'm starting to feel like he's being counted out too soon by a few too many people out there.

Alvarado has gone into grueling wars with Mauricio Herrera and Breidis Prescott, and I expect Rios (if he's in shape) to have a lot more left in the tank down the stretch than those guys did. I just see no way this fight isn't awesome to watch. It's so good that Donaire-Nishioka, a really good fight, is being almost overlooked on the same card.

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