Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the Top Ten 2012-undefeated boxers inside my pound-for-pound list

Boxing fascinated me for so many years. I am watching fights every Sunday afternoon starting when I’m like six years old. However, there is one thing that I am keen on following about the sweet science, aside from watching every fight; the undefeated boxers.

I continuously awe with undefeated boxers, suffer the first loss of their career. It is like I love them losing that "O" in their records.

The drama and the words that will come out from their mouth during post-fight interviews were intense, wild, humiliating and sometimes nasty (or might cry, but I’ve never seen before.)

Recently, we saw how Victor Ortiz, Amir Khan and Juan Manuel Lopez react to their first loss. Lopez spit nasty words towards the referee. All of them have different reaction from each other.

The one that I personally like-most because it is so funny was Zab Judah. Who will forget his reaction when he got his first loss from Kostya Tszyu? If you’re unable to watch, (you miss one of the funny scenes in boxing) click video below.

Kostya Tszyu KOs Zab Judah : (via obiclone)

Is it not funny? Although there are boxers that react like this, we can’t blame them; it is really hard to accept defeat if they had accumulated more than 20 winning streak early in their career. I salute Judah for apologizing such a violent action though.

However, what matters’ most is how these fighters’ get back to the sport. I am glad for those who accept defeat positively even if they reacted violently that night and move on as a more refine fighter come next fight.

After a long introduction (sorry for that) here are my top Ten Undefeated fighters that I look upon very closely how they will manage their first defeat and how they will move on as a prizefighter. I’m sure, without looking directly at the bottom, you already know who's number one in this
my list.

10 Milan Melindo (27-0-0) – Flyweight

9 Abner Mares (24-0-1) – Jr. Featherweight

8 Chris John (47-0-2) – Featherweight

7 Alexander Povetkin (24-0-0) – Heavyweight

6 Yuriorkis Gamboa (21-0-0) Featherweight

5 Saul Alvarez (40-0-1) Jr. Middleweight

4 Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (45-0-1) Middleweight

3 Andre Ward (25-0-0) – Super Middleweight

2 Timothy Bradley (28-0-0) Jr. Welterweight

1 Floyd Mayweather Jr. (43-0-0) Welterweight

Update: September 15, 2012

Julio Cesar Chavez was defeated by Sergio Martinez for the World Middlewieght title in Thomas and Mach Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

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