Kelly Pavlik, Edwin Rodriguez trade comments about possible fight

Harry How - Getty Images

Edwin Rodriguez called out former middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik following Rodriguez's September 29 win on HBO, and Pavlik doesn't sound too interested in the idea.

Following Edwin Rodriguez's win on HBO on September 29, the rising super middleweight called out former middleweight world champion Kelly Pavlik specifically, leading to speculation over whether or not that fight would happen, with most assuming it would not.

The day after Rodriguez called out Pavlik, the former middleweight champ went on the 8 Count News podcast and had this to say:

"I really couldn't care less to watch him fight. Every time I watch him fight, I'd rather watch paint dry. The kid has no value. He got beat by (Will) Rosinsky, the kid I just beat, clearly. And they robbed Rosinsky. ... There's bigger fights out there than Edwin Rodriguez. I'm a former world champion, I've made big fights, I don't need to fight him. If he wants to call me out, that's fine, but he's horrible.

"I mean, I watched the one fight, where I don't think he won the fight. It was boring. When he fought on the undercard of Martinez and Macklin. That was the sloppiest fight I've ever seen in my life. I would take that fight, if they're going to pay good money for it. I'd take that fight. That's an easy win. But I'm waiting for the big one. ... I don't need him."

While Pavlik (40-2, 34 KO) says he'd take the fight for "good money," his definition of "good money" is probably not reasonable for a fight like this. Most suspect Pavlik is waiting to see if he can't land a fight with someone like Andre Ward or Carl Froch, where he could get the bigger payday, and frankly where a loss would mean a lot less damage to his reputation.

Rodriguez has responded, speaking with The RING:

"He knows that fighting one of the top guys, he would have a higher reward against them, but that by fighting me, he's basically taking on that same risk. I think that's how he sees it."

"... I want Kelly Pavlik, which is funny, because, apparently, he thinks I'm horrible. But in one sentence he says that I'm horrible, and then, in the same sentence, he says that there is not enough money there to fight me."

Rodriguez (22-0, 15 KO) is coming along pretty well -- I don't know that he's getting anyone super excited about his future, but he keeps winning, and he's making his way. Personally, I'd be interested in a fight with Pavlik, mostly to see where both of them are at right now. If Pavlik were Pavlik again -- if he "got up" for a fight with Edwin more than he has his last three -- then I think he'd win. If Kelly's just not really there anymore, I think Rodriguez would win. Or maybe they'd both show up in good shape, ready to go, must-have win on the line for both of them, and put on a really good fight.

I'm interested, but I really doubt we're going to see this happen. Pavlik has a little name value left and he's going to be an attractive option for guys with bigger names than Rodriguez. I don't think Kelly is looking to jump from the Jacos, Sigmons, and Rosinskys to a next-step type like "La Bomba"; I think he really is, as he says, looking for "the big one," and while Rodriguez is totally credible, he's not "the big one."

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