Broner vs DeMarco: Golden Boy Promotions and Oscar De La Hoya making donation to Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City

Al Bello

When Golden Boy Promotions comes to Atlantic City for Adrien Broner vs. Antonio DeMarco this Saturday, they'll be making a donation to the storm ravaged area and the Atlantic City Boys & Girls Club.

In a really nice move, Golden Boy Promotions will be making a sizable donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City when they come to town this weekend. Adrien Broner will be facing Antonio DeMarco this Saturday night on HBO.

Making the situation even better is that Oscar De La Hoya and Caesars Atlantic City will be matching the Golden Boy donation.

From the press release:

Golden Boy will donate two dollars for every ticket sold and $1,000 per knockout registered during the event with De La Hoya and Caesars Atlantic City matching and adding to the much-needed donation. Several of the area Boys and Girls Clubs were heavily damaged during the storm, forcing the closure of the facilities that directly impact underserved youth and their family members in the area.

In addition to the monetary pledges, Golden Boy Promotions will donate tickets to the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City and fighters Adrien Broner and Seth Mitchell will visit one of the clubs on Wednesday during fight week.

"We are hoping that the Broner vs. DeMarco fight will afford people the opportunity to forget their worries for an evening and enjoy this great night of boxing," said Richard Schaefer, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Boy Promotions. "At the same time we understand the severity of the situation and would be remiss not to make a donation to help those directly effected by this terrible storm. With Oscar and Caesars Atlantic City providing matching donations, we feel very positive that our collective donation will help to make a difference."

"The people of Atlantic City are in need now and I am happy to join in the effort and make my own contribution order to help some of the people affected by Hurricane Sandy," said Oscar De La Hoya, President of Golden Boy Promotions. "A world of good can happen when everyone comes together to give back to people who are in need."

"Sandy not only breached the walls of the Boys & Girls Club, but the lives of each and every member here in Atlantic City," said John Smith, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Harrah’s Resort. "So it’s with great honor that I announce this donation to an organization that embodies the never-give-up attitude of New Jersey. We will not sit idly by and allow anything to compromise these impressionable youths."

Broner drew 4,300 paid in Cincinnati for his last fight, but that was his hometown and I think it's fair to assume that the paid attendance will be quite a bit lower in Atlantic City. But even if the show only draws 2,000 paid, that's a lot of money for an organization that is able to do a lot of good.

The cynic in me does wonder why they would tie in a bonus for knockouts though. Knockout bonuses make sense as incentive for fighters, but they make much less sense when it's determining a charitable donation amount. "Sorry, kids! We wanted to give you more, but the fighters just couldn't score any knockouts, so it's coming in a bit light."

But I don't want to be too negative here. This is a good thing and I hope the money goes far in helping out the Boys & Girls club.

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