Roger Mayweather says Floyd met with Arum about Pacquiao fight, another steroids accusation

Scott Heavey

Roger Mayweather says he's confident that a Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao fight will happen in the future, after recently sitting down with Bob Arum and discussing that fight, plus Mayweather vs Timothy Bradley.

In an interview with On the Ropes Boxing Radio, Roger Mayweather says that his nephew Floyd recently met with Bob Arum to discuss a fight with Manny Pacquiao, and the uncle and trainer of the undefeated superstar says he's confident that the fight will happen.

Roger says that he and Floyd sat down with Arum "about a little over a month ago," and that the (potential) working relationship between Floyd and his former promoter Arum is "all good." He says that Arum wants to do that fight, and a Maywweather vs Timothy Bradley fight, and Roger believes it will all come to pass in time.

"Floyd’s gonna fight them, why wouldn’t he fight them? Anytime you are getting that type of money, how the hell are you not going to fight them. He has to fight Pacquiao cause that’s the fight people want to see and people talk about. If he wouldn’t fight Pacquiao he would go down in history as a scared motherfucking champion, wouldn’t he? If he didn’t fight Pacquiao, OK then. My nephew ain’t scared of no Pacquiao."

The Mayweather-Pacquiao saga is in year three, really, as the fight was first being hotly demanded in 2009. It will be fairly deep into 2013, probably, if the fight is going to happen at all. May 4, 2013, would be an ideal date, but right now all signs point to that being Canelo Alvarez's weekend.

Let's take this at least a little seriously, just for fun, and say it does happen. Mayweather-Pacquiao (assuming Manny beats Juan Manuel Marquez definitively on December 8, anyway) is still the biggest fight to be made in boxing. And there is a ton of money in it, no doubt about that. And it's still about as good a fight as either of them can make.

It's not the epic showdown it once might have been, perhaps, but it remains a good fight at the very, very worst, and would be the biggest fight of 2013 by a longshot.

That said, the fight finally coming off would be the result of almost unheard-of reversals of position on all accounts. Floyd and Arum haven't worked together since Floyd left Top Rank some years ago, and Floyd has fought only Golden Boy-contracted fighters or fighters working through Golden Boy since 2007. That's not a criticism, just a fact. There have been zero Mayweather fights since 2007 not promoted by Golden Boy, even though Floyd isn't technically a Golden Boy fighter.

Pacquiao would probably have to agree to that $40 million flat fee. Now, Roger and everyone else is dead right when they say that Manny has never sniffed a $40 million payday before, but Manny has pride, too, and not getting a cut of the PPV would sting that pride something fierce. It would be like saying he's responsible for none of the buys, which is nonsense. Miguel Cotto got a percentage of PPV to face Mayweather, but Mayweather and Cotto haven't been slinging mud for years, either. Floyd has made his stance pretty clear on the Pacquiao fight, so for that to change, would be a big deal.

Arum, of course, would have to budge. So would Manny. And probably, at least a little bit in some way, so would Floyd. It's all so dug in that it's hard to imagine the fight actually happening, but Roger thinks it will, so there's that.

Roger also apparently hasn't learned a thing from that whole court settlement deal, again accusing Manny of using steroids:

Jenna: You mentioned Manny Pacquiao, he actually has business at hand and has to beat Marquez in their upcoming fourth fight, which clearly is no easy task. Do you think he will do it?

Well, as long as they allow him to take those steroids he will. Long as they allow him to take those pills he will.

Live and don't learn, that's his motto.

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