Berto vs Guerrero video: Robert Guerrero ready for Berto challenge, sees flaws against southpaws

Robert Guerrero says training camp has gone well and he's ready for Andre Berto on Saturday, also noting that he's seen plenty of flaws in Berto, especially in his past fights against southpaws.

Fight Hub TV: "What's your thoughts on your big fight?"

Robert Guerrero: "I'm excited. Like every fight. Excited to go. It's a big one. I'm excited that I've got a big name in the ring. It's time to take care of business."

Fight Hub TV: "In your last fight, you made your welterweight debut with a win over Selcuk Aydin. What do you take out of that fight, now that you've had a fight at the weight, and I'm sure you're feeling more comfortable?"

Robert Guerrero: "Pretty much getting the ring rust off, that's one of the main things I got out of that fight. Getting back in the ring after being off so long. Also, being able to try out my shoulder after the surgery. You know, pedal to the metal and let it all go. So now I know that the shoulder's 100% good. Training steps up, now we can do a lot more different things. Not so worried about if the shoulder's gonna go or not."

Fight Hub TV: "Do you train differently? When you're fighting at 135, part of the training is obviously getting down to 135, but I'm sure at 147 you don't have any problems at all."

Robert Guerrero: "No, we don't have any problems with the weight. Just doing the right diet and adjusting it for the 147 pounds. But it all comes down to the diet and making sure you gotta get the right proteins in, and all the right carbohydrates and everything that goes into it. You just gotta build up right."

Fight Hub TV: "What is it about Andre Berto that stood out as a possible opponent, and what tells you that you can beat him?"

Robert Guerrero: "We're looking for the best opponents out there. We were looking for the Bradley fight. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Berto was right there. Berto was right there for a fight in November, so we took it on and made it happen."

Fight Hub TV: "Do you have any thoughts on his fight with Victor Ortiz, that back-and-forth brawl?"

Robert Guerrero: "Yeah, it was a good fight between them two. Both of them putting each other down. But we saw a lot of flaws in Berto with the left-handed stance and a bunch of different things. We watch a lot of film on him and all the lefties he's fought. The one thing with Berto is he's fought a few lefties, so he knows what it's about being in there with a lefty. You've got to be ready for him in all different aspects."

Fight Hub TV: "There's been some talk that you may be undersized for this weight class and for Andre Berto. What are your thoughts on that?"

Robert Guerrero: "That's what they said about Aydin also. Size doesn't matter in a boxing. You've just got to do what you've got to do, take care of yourself, be fresh, and let your talent do all the work."

Fight Hub TV: "Did you ever think that you would be fighting Andre Berto?"

Robert Guerrero: "No, I didn't think about it at all. My thought is just fighting the best fighters that are out there. Whoever I can possibly get in the ring. Throughout my career I've always had trouble getting guys in the ring, so I never thought it would be Andre Berto, but he's here and we've got to take care of him."

Fight Hub TV: "How's training camp going so far, and what's new about this training camp that's different from camps in the past?"

Robert Guerrero: "Training camp's going great. I couldn't be happier, I feel great, I feel fresh. Getting all the great running and everything done. The only thing really changes is just, you know, the dieting, and the gym."

Fight Hub TV: "What's changed in your diet so much?"

Robert Guerrero: "Adding more meals in. Altering everything around 147 pounds. Just staying strong and staying healthy."

Fight Hub TV: "You feeling any different?"

Robert Guerrero: "Oh, I feel great. I feel great. Yeah. Especially this is going to be my second fight at 147 pounds, I feel even better. The more you fight at the weight, the more better you're gonna be. Getting that last fight out of the way, too, getting all those cobwebs shaken off. Getting everything going and in gear again."

Fight Hub TV: "Do you have a message for the fans out there?"

Robert Guerrero: "Yeah, tune in on the 24th, because I'm ready to go, man. I'm ready to go. 147 pounds, like I said, coming here to make a big impact. We've got Berto on our plate. It's time to eat."

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