Green vs Cameron Results: Danny Green dominates and recaptures the IBO cruiserweight title

Paul Kane

Danny Green and Shane Cameron squared off in a catchweight bout for the vacant IBO cruiserweight title. Cameron, a younger and naturally larger man that usually campaigns at heavyweight, was unable to sustain his physical dominance and was ultimately beat up before all was said and done.

Danny Green out boxed and ultimately out punched a game Shane Cameron en route to a clear unanimous decision victory by scorecards of 119-109, 116-112, and 116-113. The card that read 11 rounds to 1 seems to be out of place but it's honestly the most accurate in the group. Cameron started the opening round strong (but arguably still lost) and faded from there on. He had moments in the rest of the fight but was unable to sustain them. His punches lost snap and he got away from his jab. Green was always able to outbox Cameron from the outside and was gradually able to out fight Cameron on the inside. In the championship rounds Green was especially dominant and nearly took Cameron out in the 11th. Shane held on for dear life and Danny wrestled him to the ground. No knockdown was ruled but fortunately Green didn't need the points.

With the victory Green picked up vacant IBO cruiserweight title for the 2nd time. Green was expected to announce his retirement after this fight but when asked about it in his post-fight interview Green left the question unanswered. However, before the decision was announced I could have sworn I heard Green say, "One last fight man. One more fight; it's the most important fight." Whether this was that last fight or it will the next is anyone's guess. But perhaps I'm just hard of hearing.

Co-Main Event

In the penultimate bout of the evening Will Tomlinson routed a defensive minded Irving Berry for a wide unanimous decision (120-105, 117-108, 119-106). The bout was filled with fouls, most of which were initiated by Tomlinson, but only Berry was deducted points (he lost them for holding). This was the 2nd IBO super featherweight title defense for Tomlinson. The unbeaten 26 year old said he wants to come to the USA next year to unify with one of the other belt holders in his post-fight interview. I'm not sure who I would pick him to beat, but as long as he isn't in with a spoiler he will make for a fun fight.


Brad Pitt TKO2 Mosese Sorovi
Jeremy Van Diemen TKO3 Lyndon Edney
Brandon Ogilvie MD6 Anthony Taylor
Jake Carr TKO2 Dinesh Kanth (untelevised, couldn't confirm result with my own eyes)

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