Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV: What would be Manny's perfect game plan against Juan Manuel?

Style makes fight.

Freddie Roach transformed Pacquiao from a single fisted brawler into a well rounded fighter and he is dominating every single opponent that Arum put in front of him because of his built in strength--that is his power and speed.

He dominates all but not Marquez, this is simply because of style. Every fight Pacquiao may learn one or two tricks (but I am sure cannot change his entire style) that might be effective at some point during a fight but can be easily adjusted by a counter puncher like Marquez.

If you put opponents like Rios or Katsidis in front of Pacquiao–I believed Pacquiao will knock them out easily. Because they will trade punches with Pacquiao. It will be power vs power, but Pacquiao’s speed will be the edge.

However, if you put Marquez or Mayweather Jr. which both are brilliant counter punchers--Pacquiao will always find difficulty. That is why there is always a never ending debate whose style will prevail if Pacman and Mayweather will finally meet.

Back to Marquez. Why Pacquiao unable to knockout Marquez or unable to score even a knockdown during the third fight? In my opinion it is because Pacquiao was not able to throw and land the same volume of combinations during the first fight. Why? because Pacquiao knows very well Marquez and Marquez knows very well Pacquiao.

Pacquiao knows that once he throw punches, Marquez is waiting to counter. If you notice, during that fight (the third fight) Pacquiao throw some 1-2′s or 1-2-3 combos and pull back his hands to cover defending the counter, although Marquez is not throwing at all because Pacman anticipated that Dinamita will fire and while Marquez also anticipated that Pacman will throw more than 3 combos.

In my opinion, to beat Marquez is to fight the way he fight Marquez in the first round of the first fight. Speed… speed.. speed… combo.. combo.. combo… aggression… aggression… overwhelm Marquez. Pacman should not give Marquez the time to think--keep him busy evading his fast combo.

Pacman is faster than Marquez, Pacman can absorb Marquez best shot while Marquez cannot. So why not let his hands go and bombard Marquez with bombs till he drop.

But this is easier said than done. Pacquiao needs to train hard as he can and his oxygen full and be in his old self because Marquez is highly motivated not only looking to counter but to knockout his arch-rival.

In a video, Marquez looked very sharp and rip--hulking up muscles. I'm sure he will not look like a bloated lightweight come fight night.

If Pacquaio and Marquez both look to end this fight before the final bell then brace yourself, but if not, then even the idea of a fifth fight would make me cover my ears--not to hear the same drama.

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