Death, Taxes, and another Pacquiao-Marquez

Efforts to revive something universally classic is something Americans have become all too familiar with over the last decade. We see it all over the place, Ford's design for a throwback mustang, Coke revisiting the comercial that made Mean Joe Greene a household name, Red Dawn, ect. Don't get me wrong, a lot of these things have been generally regarded as a success. The Nostalgic feelings brought upon by certain remakes or revisits make us remember a time in which things always seem better now then they probably were at the time, and often there's nothing wrong with that. Admittedly it's as good a marketing scheme as America has had since Ingenuity has clearly become too much work for our Nation. I'll take a corny remake of a commercial from the 70's over a Sham-wow ad any day of the week, but sometimes things that weren't intended to be cashed in on create a storm of complete shit that leaves you wondering what the people involved were thinking.

To say that the Pacquiao-Marquez trilogy was sub par or unwarranted is not the argument I'm trying to make, in fact quite the opposite. Just as like first two Star Wars movies, the first two fights of this series were breathtaking to watch. Both too close too call, both truly a staple-point in the careers of two of the great champions produced by this generation, and much like Star Wars we were able to look past the bad taste in our mouth after watching what should have been the conclusion to some great bouts. This all would have been fine if it had stopped there. Although these fights have been fun to watch and express our opinions about for the weeks that followed, we have to remember what watching "The Phantom Menace" was like.

Firstly, think about who even benefits from this fight. Marquez needs another fight at Welterweight about as much as the American public needs to hear anymore about the presidential election that just took place, and Pacquiao needs a close fight in Nevada even less. Who benefits from this? The Lucasfilms of boxing.

Top Rank was, has been, and will be known for the phrase us boxing fans have all come to know (and sometimes to love) "Let's do it again". Although other promoters have used the fight series approach, it is undeniable that Arum, in an effort to keep fights in house, will create rematches that are at the very least, less than moderately desirable. Now I know that some of you will make the argument that its the nature of the beast in modern day boxing that promotion companies hold fighters back from fighting the cash cows of other companies, and I agree with you there to an extent, but when the two guys getting into the ring have little to nothing to gain how is it that the fight still happens?

JMM can say whatever he wants about wanting to prove who the "true winner" of these bouts were. It made for a slightly to moderately entertaining 24/7 the last time around, but its the same old song and dance. Honestly its becoming hard to watch, almost sad. It's like watching the captain of the chess club get rejected by the homecoming queen, only to ask three more times with the same inevitable result. They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I mean sure, did he deserve to win the 3rd fight?yeah, does he have a right to feel cheated? Sure, but at the end of the day it dosen't matter. Marquez needs to realize that another fight won't take the losses off of his record and stop talking about his loses whenever he gets American media exposure, and learn the lesson the first two bouts should have taught him: Judges remember knockdowns as much as fans.

Pacquiao, in contrast to his bitter "rival" (sounds sort of odd with nearly every article about the guy including the name Mayweather nowadays) has been the clear benefactor in these bouts, think of Pac Man as Harrison Ford and JMM as Mark Hammill. Marquez has been the only guy that has left a question mark on Pacquiao's record, and he hasn't ever lost to him. The loss vs. Morales is forgotten because of their second and third fight, both signature wins, the fights with Barrera were great wins also. It makes me wonder if this is a pride thing for Manny, or simply because there is no one else to fight. Marquez has given Pacquiao more problems than anybody, and after being robbed in June in Nevada I just can't quite see how he would want to give it another go.

Even Arum has his back against a wall with this one. Its no secret that 147 is in desperate need of some new stars, boxings most lucrative division is on life support at the moment. With the old staples aging, some already in retirement, and only one fight people want to see being an almost certain impossibility it seems as though boxing's cash-cow division is going to need a serious revamp in the near future or the entire sport could be in serious trouble. Arum must see this, and because of this the only fight that makes any sense at all as of right now was this one. Arum needs to find a new guy with enough talent to be Top Rank's next star. In order to do so he needs to keep up his persona of being a superstar maker, a persona that took a serious blow when the whole Tim Bradley fiasco happened. You could almost tell Arum was putting his future in the hands of the wrong guy when he signed Bradley with the promise of a fight with Pacquiao, it was an act of desperation. He probably was unsure of Pacquiao after his third fight with Marquez and thought if he could get a guy good enough to possibly beat his right now guy he could get his future guy, but the way that fight went down it kind of blew up in his face and the way Bradley has decided to act recently is doing a ton of damage. For Arum this fight is damage control, he has little left to offer Pacquiao in terms of legitimate competition, even a collaboration with another promoter wouldn't help at this point. Basically any fight at 147 would leave everyone with a bitter taste in their mouth (honestly look at the welterweight division and make a case for anyone). So rather than putting Pacquiao in the ring with an undeserving opponent he has decided to suck the marrow out of a series of fights that has given fans great enjoyment as well as great disgust over the years.

Although I really don't want to see this fight again there is literally no other fight that could have been made that would be worth watching either. It would to have to see one of the two maybe three fights Pacquiao has left to be against someone like Malinaggi or Alexander, and the GBP prospects who were supposed to be the future of the division have proven unworthy of even that title. There's nowhere else to go, and it makes me sad for two fighters who I grew up watching with respect and admiration. This fight will not only signal the end of a competitive series between the two, but it will also signal the end of an era. New stars will need to be found if boxing is going to survive the retirement of Pacquiao and Floyd, especially if we are unable to ever witness "The fight that must not be named", and to be honest I don't know where they'll come from. People are fed up, and although the promoters have done a ton of damage, I don't think they could have possibly anticipated how truly boring 147 was about to become once these guys left. The one division people still payed money in the masses that's left is about to die. It's been the only division truly marketed enough to prosper, and the only division a casual fan has invested any amount of time in watching. Although many of you like me will still find great enjoyment out of watching the lesser known divisions because they are often more exciting, there is no denying the fact that not a single division is suited to carry the necessary load to keep boxing afloat in the mainstream, something that is inevitably going to be detrimental to Professional boxing as a whole.

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