Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero already being discussed


Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer says he's discussing a potential Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero fight for next year.

Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions says that discussions are already underway to match Floyd Mayweather against Robert Guerrero next.

From BoxingScene.com:

"I have started conversations with Team Mayweather for a potential fight between Robert and Floyd. I really have nothing more to say at this point, except that we’ve had ongoing discussions. ... I think if a fight with Mayweather can happen, it would be a fascinating matchup. Because with Floyd, you have unquestionably the best pound-for-pound fighter, the most talented and gifted athlete [in boxing]. Whoever Floyd fights, he makes it look easy. ... I would be interested to see, ‘Can he win, let alone make it look easy, against Robert Guerrero?’ I have my doubts because Robert really showed us what he’s all about. It would be a great matchup."

I don't know whether or not Guerrero (31-1-1, 18 KO) is a serious threat to defeat Floyd Mayweather. What I do believe for a fact is that Guerrero, as much as any other reasonable candidate (read: not a Top Rank fighter), has earned the right to be in this discussion.

He jumped two weight classes this year, fought a sturdy, solid welterweight in Selcuk Aydin and won a brawl, and then beat former titlist Andre Berto in an even more vicious fight.

Early this year, when Guerrero campaigned for the Mayweather fight on May 5, which ultimately went to Miguel Cotto, he was alternately laughed off or coldly dismissed. And I think that was fair, even in hindsight. Guerrero hadn't fought in a year, had never fought over 135 (yes, yes, I know, a 138-pound catchweight with 76-year-old Joel Casamayor), and just didn't have the résumé.

So what did Guerrero do? He went out and fought a solid welterweight, and won. Then he fought a guy who has been near the top of the division for years, and won more emphatically. Robert Guerrero got in the ring and proved how serious he is about landing a huge money fight at 147. What more can you ask?

It sounds like Golden Boy seriously intends to chase this fight for him. It wasn't all that long ago that GBP seemed to consider Guerrero a second-tier guy on their roster. But he's forced everyone to take him seriously now.

If he gets the fight, I say he deserves it, and that's not press release material. That's my honest opinion. The guy has fought his way into what he wanted.

Schaefer said yesterday that Mayweather may make his decision next week, with more eyes on the boxing world thanks to Pacquiao-Marquez IV. Guerrero, Canelo Alvarez, and Miguel Cotto are considered the front-runners. Guerrero may have edged past the pack.

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