Catching up from Saturday 12/22: Abner Cotto, Cesar Seda, Diego Silva

Just wrapping up Saturday night's Spanish language boxing offerings. Why not, right? Long weekend here.


Cesar Seda TKO2 Lorenzo Trejo. Trejo hasn't looked good in a long time and this was a pretty shameful performance. The poor guy was never in the fight, went down a bunch of times, and the last knockdown that came early in round 2 looked bad. Not KO of the Year, "Wow I hope he gets up" bad, but like a guy who has been hit way too many times crumbling from shots in a way where you're really thinking that he has to get away ASAP from this sport. Seda is a really good fighter - the wide decision Narvaez got over him doesn't reflect the reality of that fight at all, IMO (I thought he was outworking the champ for the most part). He could and probably should seriously consider moving up to 118 to find better fights. He has impressive size and good hand speed.

Jose Lopez UD4 Eric Gotay. Lopez was 5-0 with 5 KOs but never really had Gotay in big trouble until just before the final bell. Boxer-puncher type, kinda vertical standing for my liking. He's all of 18 though, so there's lots of time to grow as a professional.

Abner Cotto TKO6 Sergio Perez. Perez is cut from a similar cloth to Trejo; tough journeyman type from Mexico that is game but generally lacks the physical talents to be competitive with world class opposition. There's a knockdown in the fight according to Boxrec, but don't put much stock in it- what caused Perez to end up on his back was tangling his legs with Cotto during one of Abner's flurries. There's not really any growth here from Abner compared to the Alejandro Rodriguez fight a few weeks ago - he still drops his hands when he punches in the worst of ways, doesn't move his head well, and presents a willing target for punches. He has very little punching power too. Perez quit after the 6th was over just coming up to the ref and asking Cotto to come over to him to, best I can tell, inform him he was better and he was done.

TyC Sports:

Lots of womens bouts on this card, which I basically skipped over. I don't really watch women's boxing. Not going to argue about it here because that's not the point of this post.

Diego Silva MD10 Julian Aristule. Want a close fight? There's this one. Want an actual "fight" fight? Don't watch this one. About as exciting as watching paint dry or a Miguel Vazquez title defense, these guys basically didn't throw punches for 9 of 10 rounds. They'd switch taking the lead foot on and off and Silva generally seemed more effective in a very slow paced bout. The best round of the fight was, by far, round 9, in which Julian Aristule was able to land effective overhand rights on Silva and get him moving. Silva's biggest moment as a fighter was a 3 round KO loss to Fernando Montiel while Aristule never fought outside Argentina in his career.

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