Floyd Chooses Cotto

With time working against him and his May date, Floyd Mayweather has finally selected his opponent; the illustrious and ever humble Miguel Cotto. These two men are two of the three biggest names and thus attractions in Boxing and their meeting will undoubtedly be watched by many. Both will achieve great paydays. For Cotto, maybe his largest to date.

So there is much to look forward to.

Clearly, despite their star power, neither men are in their absolute primes but no matter. They will arrive in the ring as the professionals they are, prepared as always for giving their best efforts.

As with all such high profile later stage fights, we should expect their respective constuencies to be out in force with Miguel wearing the white hat and Floyd being Floyd. If we are fortunate, we will see much and learn all the more exactly where both men are in the arc of their careers.

But what exactly will we see. When we last saw Cotto he was avenging one of his two defeats; a bad one at the hands of Antonio Margarito. Cotto won that fight with aplomb but there are some, arguably the minority, who believed that had the fight gone on longer, the result may have been different. Personally, credit due where credit is due. Miguel Cotto took the fight that haunted him and he won. Period.

Floyd was last seen dominating a mentally 'challenged' but otherwise game Victor Ortiz in his second fight at welterweight. The bigger Ortiz was game until the screws in his head loosened and he used it's housing to try to change the trajectory of a fight he was going to lose no matter.

The problem, given how absurdly that fight ended, is that we saw too little. Certainly we saw a shutout being pitched against a top prospect but we never saw the complete game. And given Floyd's age and the rarity of his appearances, we would have been better served watching him go longer and deep.

I cannot speak for you gentlemen and ladies but I cannot see how a Cotto who struggled with Clottey and was absolutely destroyed within twelve by Pacquaio (over two years ago, no less) will fare any better. I can say I hope so but that and a few Benjamins aren't getting me to Vegas to see the fight.

I am both a critic and a great admirer of Cotto so I wish him well. But the realist in me says not bloody likely.

Lastly, the all mighty dollars aside (and there will be many), I cannot see exactly what Floyd can accomplish fighting this version of Cotto as compared to say ... a prime Cotto four or so years ago. Beating Miguel is beating Miguel but as Floyd likes to say, why should he fight someone else's leftovers. Cotto can be called many things....but no one can call him fresh. Or prime.

What say you?

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