Angelo Dundee Passes Away: Boxing Remembers the Legendary Trainer

Angelo Dundee was one of boxing's most beloved and respected figures. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Bob Arum: "He was wonderful. He was the whole package. Angelo was the greatest motivator of all time. No matter how bad things were, Angelo always put a positive spin on them. That's what Ali loved so much about him."

Andre Ward: "Just saw Angelo Dundee died. I know everyone has to go at some point, but this caught me off guard. He's a guy you'd think would live forever!"

Antonio Tarver: "It's a sad day in boxing with the passing of legendary trainer Angelo Dundee, blessings and condolences to his family and friends. Angelo Dundee was a good man that touched everyone that had the pleasure to meet him, he was boxing he lived it with every breath he took."

Russell Crowe: "My life is so much richer for having known him. He had the biggest heart of any man I ever knew. God love you Angelo."

Al Bernstein: "If you believe in heaven, then Eddie Futch, Gil Clancy and Angelo Dundee are now discussing boxing -- a master class in the sport."

Kieran Mulvaney: "Very sorry to hear of passing of Angelo Dundee, legendary trainer and absolute sweetheart of a man. A wonderful, warm human being. One of the joys of Angelo Dundee was that he would always be so thrilled when you wanted to talk to him, as if you were doing him a favor."

Michael Woods: "I told him on the phone last week that I would make it a resolution to get on the phone with him as often as I could, looking forward, because he was better than Prozac at lifting you up. Any fool could learn from Dundee on how to view life. As far as good souls go, Angelo Dundee was the greatest."

Dan Rafael: "I had never met Angelo before I first started covering boxing in 2000. Maybe a month after I had started covering the beat for USA Today and had only a few articles appear in the paper, I received a hand-written letter from him at the office. ... Angelo wasn't pushing one of his fighters or projects on me, wasn't looking for a story. Instead, he spent about three pages writing about how much he loved boxing, how happy he was to see coverage in a major newspaper and told me that if I ever needed anything to please give him a call, and he included his telephone number."

George Diaz: "For me, he was always be known as a man of kindness, a man with a good heart, a man who always had time for me as a professional relationship blossomed into a personal one. And of course, a guy who always told a good story. Sweet dreams, Ang."

James Dundee (Son): "I rushed into Dad's room, and everyone who'd met him were blubbering. The poor nurse was so shaken up that she couldn't save him. Dad was just so nice to people. ... Greatness is grasping the moment. Dad grasped all the moments."

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