Mayweather vs Cotto: Does Miguel Cotto Have a Shot at the Upset?

Miguel Cotto is a legitimate star, a fan favorite, and a fresh matchup for Floyd Mayweather. But can Cotto actually win? (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Yesterday's announcement that Floyd Mayweather Jr will face Miguel Cotto on May 5 was met with a mixed response by different sections of the boxing fanbase.

Some diehard fans seemed in favor of the fight, if only because it's a fresh matchup between two legitimate stars. Casual fans, apparently operating under the idea that Mayweather vs Pacquiao was still remotely in play, rejected the fight pretty much 100% across the board.

With a day to process the fight, has anyone come around on the fight? Does anyone like it more or less? And most important, does anyone think Miguel Cotto can win this thing?

Both fighters sounded confident with their first thoughts on the fight, sent out via press release.

"Miguel Cotto is a world class fighter who can never be taken for granted and continues to prove he is one of the best in boxing," said Mayweather. "It will be a challenge for me to compete with him at this weight, but this is the type of test I thrive on and gives me the motivation to train even harder. I have no doubt in my mind that my title belt collection will increase once again and Cotto's reign as champion will come to an end on May 5."

"I am here to fight the biggest names in boxing. I've never ducked anyone or any challenge in front of me," said Cotto. "I have accepted everything to give the fans what they like: Great and exciting fights. That is what the sport of boxing is all about; making the fights that the fans want and deserve to see. On May 5, stay tuned, because I will convincingly beat Floyd Mayweather."

Both fighters are known quantities. Cotto, 31, will have a supposed advantage in that he's likely more comfortable fighting at 154 pounds. Mayweather, who turns 35 on February 24, has never tasted defeat, and is 1-0 at the weight, beating Oscar De La Hoya in 2007 despite being the visibly smaller man.

But can Cotto win? That may be the ultimate question here. Yes, both fighters are stars, and most of us like Miguel Cotto, and Floyd is Floyd, with his polarizing personality and history. There are things that are intriguing about the fight. Does Miguel Cotto, in your opinion, really have a shot at winning this, or is he going to be an easy night for Mayweather en route to 43-0?

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