Klitschko vs Chisora Rematch? Vitali Wants to Punish 'Sick' Chisora in the Ring

Vitali Klitschko wants another fight with Dereck Chisora, and wants to knock him out. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Vitali Klitschko says his ego is demanding a rematch with Dereck Chisora, saying he wants to punish the British fighter for his actions this past weekend.

"In spirit, I have no need for revenge but my ego tells me this man deserves real punishment. I want to knock him out in the ring."

Klitschko also told Die Welt in Germany that he feels Chisora is "sick in the head":

"Even before our fight, I thought he was a showman, but then I understood that he was not acting - he must be sick in the head. When I consider everything that Chisora has done - slapping me around the face before the fight, spitting at Wladimir in the ring and then getting in a brawl at the press conference and threatening to shoot somebody - how can any human be like that?

"It's incredible. What goes through this guy's head? Everything I have experienced with him seems like a nightmare."

Do you want a rematch here? It was a better-than-normal Klitschko fight, and apart from what may or may not be a demon possessing his brain or the like, Dereck Chisora gave a fine accounting of himself inside the ropes, at least after spitting on Wladimir and before arguing with them after the fight.

Chisora (15-3, 9 KO) has lost his last two and three of his last four, but through odd circumstances. One of the losses was to Klitschko, of course, and he's the 1B heavyweight in the world; another was to Robert Helenius, where he was robbed; and the third came against Tyson Fury in a fight where Chisora was grossly out of shape, which is his own damn fault, but still not representative of his actual quality.

Klitschko (44-2, 40 KO) did suffer a shoulder injury in the fight and is expected to return to the ring in September, without surgery.

If anyone's interested in Vitali's current thoughts on David Haye, with whom Chisora brawled, he says the two are "cut from the same cloth."

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