Ortiz vs Berto II: Devon Alexander Wants the Winner, Return Planned For Summer

Devon Alexander wants the Ortiz vs Berto winner down the road, and could be back in the ring this summer. (Photo by Jeff Curry/US PRESSWIRE)

Devon Alexander's trainer and manager Kevin Cunningham wants his fighter to face the winner of the June 23 rematch between Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto, according to Lem Satterfield at RingTV.com:

"The only fight that really makes sense is for Devon to fight the winner of Ortiz-Berto. That's the fight we're looking for. Everybody's going to call out Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao," said Cunningham.

"But the realistic goal for us would be the winner of Ortiz-Berto. Title or no title. That's a huge fight, and those are the types of fights we're interested in."

Alexander (23-1, 13 KO) won a dominant decision over Marcos Maidana on Saturday night in St. Louis, making his entrance into the welterweight ranks, where he's going to be considered a player. We discussed a few potential opponents for him in the coming months already, and the Ortiz-Berto winner is probably the biggest of the realistic options.

Alexander himself has some thoughts about doubters, or perhaps "haters!!!"

"The sky is the limit. There's a lot of people out there who are eating a lot of crow right now. People were doubting me and saying, 'aw, man, he's going to get killed by Marcos Maidana.'

"People were saying, 'he's going to get hurt,' and, 'he's not going to be able to compete,' and that, 'he's not one of the elite guys out there.'"

Did I miss something or was nobody credible calling for Maidana to "kill" Alexander? I honestly cannot say I saw one person who had that tone about this fight. I know this is just sort of the way athletes talk in a lot of sports, like when the Patriots are all, "Nobody thought we could do this!" when they make it to another Super Bowl, but I don't know that anyone is eating crow regarding Devon Alexander, and on the last point, he's probably not one of the elite guys out there. There's no shame in that. There aren't many elite guys out there. There are a lot of good fighters.

Richard Schaefer says Alexander will return to the ring in July or August, which would indicate he'll get in another fight before potentially facing the Ortiz vs Berto winner later on.

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