Bellew vs McIntosh: Tony Bellew Believes McIntosh Will Quit

Tony Bellew is aiming to stop Danny McIntosh when they face each other on April 14th. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

Tony Bellew believes he will make Danny McIntosh quit during their British light-heavyweight battle on April 14th.

The fight is over two months away but Bellew has already begun to question his domestic rivals mental strength.

McIntosh was stopped in round 7 when he fought Nathan Cleverly, while Bellew managed to reach the judges scorecards when they went to war last year. However Bellew think that McIntosh is weak when put under pressure.

Speaking to BoxingScene Bellew said:

"Danny talks a great fight, fair play to him, but he does have a quit point, most people do, and it has been found on a few occasions. I don't have a quit point. It is not in me to quit. Danny does and it will happen in this fight.

I told him that he chooses to go down, he doesn't get put down. If you're back flipping off the floor, as he did against Cleverly, then what the hell are you doing on the floor anyway? He had no answer for that.

We're totally different people. He's the class clown and I'm very serious. My life is on the line when I fight - I'm there to hurt people and do a job."

I don't know Danny McIntosh and don't know whether what Bellew says is true, he might quit and he might not. Of course Bellew is always going to say McIntosh is weaker than him, it's all about hype with the fight. In a career spanning 15 professional fights, McIntosh has lost twice...with one of those defeats coming to Cleverly.

What we do know is Bellew won't quit. To get Bellew out of there you need to send him to sleep. He's a proud family man from Liverpool who simply gives his all, we've seen him after fights on press-conferences expressing his emotions and I have respect for him as a man and boxer. As I've said before I don't know whether Bellew will reach world level - I'd like him to but we shall have to see. He can bang, hurt people and if he connects with McIntosh then it could well be good night.

Whether McIntosh quits is a question that will have to be answered on April 14th.

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