Lennox Lewis: Haye Should Have Warm-Up Fights, Chisora Can Beat Vitali Klitschko

Lennox Lewis has been speaking to Sky Sports about his views about two of the biggest boxing stories - Haye's return and Chisora vs Vitali. (Photo by Tom Dulat/Getty Images for Laureus)

The topic of David Haye returning to boxing to face one of the Klitschkos seems to be a never ending story. Question marks will be raised up until the fight if it happens, with the main one being can he actually beat either of the brothers?

Well Lennox Lewis believes that Haye shouldn't jump straight into the ring with either brother, and have won more fight as a warm-up. He also believes that Dereck Chisora can shock Vitali Klitschko when they meet in a few weeks time, but we will get back to that later.

As most of you know (if you don't then shame on you!) Haye was embarrassed in defeat against Wladimir, retired on his birthday, and since then vowed to return to halt Vitali. Despite his poor performance in the fight Haye thinks he can beat either brother, but Lewis thinks he needs a few fights first.

"David should come out of retirement. He should come back, but he should not think about the Klitschko's right now. He should beat a couple of other people, so people actually think: ' yeah, you know, he can do it this time, he can beat a Klitschko'.

There is a lot of money for him on the table and that is important for any fighter. All he has to do is jump in there against one of the Klitschko's and take it, but he should have a couple of different fights first. If he beat a couple of other fighters first, he could build himself back up."

Instead of facing Haye, Vitali faces Chisora. As expected Chisora will go into the fight as the massive underdog. Lewis beat Klitschko some nine years ago and he thinks the 28-year-old could shock the world.

"Vitali is very good but Chisora has a chance. He is a heavyweight, all it takes is one punch on the chin to win. I always say if you walk into the ring, you have to get wet. If he (Klitschko) is in the fight, in the ring, and he gets punched, there is a chance that he might get hurt or knocked out. It will be an interesting fight.

Although I totally agree with Lewis in the fact that if Haye had some more fights against better opponents (Chris Arreola etc) people would give him a better chance or respect him more, I just don't see going on for a few more years to do this. Two more warm-up fights take him into 2013 and by then he might have started acting.

As for Chisora, he has power, but as I've said before, I think he is a few more fights away from being able to compete fully, but hey lets hope he can pull off the upset.

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