Robert Stieglitz Reacts To The Postponement Of The Mikkel Kessler Bout

Robert Stieglitz is not happy about Mikkel Kessler's injury. However his promotional company has found him a good fight against George Groves. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Bongarts/Getty Images)

As reported earlier today, there were some shady dealings today in the super middleweight division. First, Kessler postponed his fight with Stieglitz again due to his hand not being fully healed. Then, Stieglitz's promoter managed to win the purse bid with George Groves. Finally, Groves mysteriously injured his back and looked to be set for a showdown with Stieglitz. Yet, Stieglitz seems to be quite angry that Kessler would not be able to fight him immediately according to Phil D. Jay.

"Kessler has called off the fight three times now with no apology." Stieglitz complained to World Boxing News.

"I was more than willing to box him but it seems that something happens every time. I think the WBO made the right decision in ordering the George Groves fight. How long was I supposed to wait for ‘King' Kessler? It would have made me very happy to fight him, but if he doesn't want to fight then I am not to blame."

The WBO decision that Stieglitz is referring to was actually a strange event that happened a couple of days ago. Before either Groves or Kessler pulled out of their fights, the WBO set a purse bid for a fight between Groves and Stieglitz, which Stieglitz won.

I do not blame Stieglitz for being angry because this fight was supposed to happen on November 5th of last year. He had to be in a holding pattern only taking a fight against Henry Weber in the meantime.

Stieglitz went on to comment about his next opponent.

"I don't know too much about George Groves," said Stieglitz.

"I just know that he is unbeaten in 14 fights, is 23 years-old and he is not bad. We will see on fight night but I am the champion of the world and remain that way."

I feel like he could have at least mentioned Groves fight with James DeGale. Are you guys looking forward to the fight between Stieglitz and Groves?

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