Mayweather vs Pacquiao - Nonfight of the Decade

So, there has been lots of speculation as to why this fight didn't come off for May.

First, they argued about the date. It proved to be a non-issue. Then they argued about the drug testing. Pacquiao agreed to it. Then, they started talking the purse. Money. $$$.

Pacquiao wanted a 50/50 split. The fight was projected to earn $160 million, at least, all things done and told.

Mayweather offered Pacquiao $40 million flat fee saying 'This is more than you've ever earned in your career', and Mayweather keeps everything else. While technically true, $40 mill is more than Pacquiao will have ever earnedPacquiao was like "LOL. Are you serious?"

Because basically, what Mayweather was proposing was a 80%/20% split in his favor.

Now, fans on both sides have basically had their say, but I started thinking about it analytically today, when a combination of what someone said + my brain said 'Floyd is a billionaire.. why should he care if he gets 80% or 50%?'

Then it dawned on me.

I went into research mode.

Floyd’s Career Earnings:
Gregorio Vargas – $750k
Emanuel Augustus/Burton – ? [let’s assume 1 million]
Diego Corrales – $1.5 million
Carlos Hernandez – ? [let’s assume 2 million]
Jesus Chavez – ? [let’s assume 2 million]
Jose Castillo 1 – $2.2 million
Jose Castillo 2 – $2.4 million
Victoriano Sosa – ? [let’s assume 2.5 million]
Philip Ndou – $3 million
DeMarcus Corley – $3 million
Henry Bruseles – ? [let’s assume 3 million]
Arturo Gatti – $3.5 million
Sharmba Mitchell – ? [let’s assume 4 million]
Zab Judah – $5 million
Carlos Baldomir – $8 million
Oscar De La Hoya – $25 million
Ricky Hatton – $25 million
Juan Manuel Márquez – $25 million
Shane Mosley – $30 million
Victor Ortiz – $40 million

He’s probably only earned $200 million in his whole career. Given his house, lifestyle, hangers-on, number of expensive cars, and admitted addiction to gambling.. I’d imagine he’s spent quite a bit of it by now.

The REAL reason he wants the 80% split.. because the 80% vs Pacquiao would be about equal to everything he’s earned in his entire flipping career.

AND because he’s probably spent most of what he’s earned in his career. I mean, I’m sure he’s still living comfortably, but at his rate of expenditure, I sincerely doubt he has a retirement fund enough to last him, his wife, and his kids assuming he lives to a ripe old age.

AND he has a good chance to lose the fight. Given Mayweather’s last performance vs Ortiz and Pacquiao’s last performance vs Marquez.. I’d say based on that, Mayweather would be a 60-70% favorite. But, Mayweather takes no chances. And a 40% chance of his 0 going away is too much for him. Floyd feels old age creeping up. I’m not saying he’s going to retire anytime soon. But his entire style is based on fast reflexes. He ain’t gonna go to 47 like B-Hop. He knows he’s got 2-5 good years left. And he plans to make out like a bandit.


EDIT: Since someone on a different thread asked, I'll post Pacquiao's earnings here too.

vs Barrera 1? [let's assume chump change]
vs Marquez 1: $650k
vs Battery: ? [let's assume 1 million]
vs Morales 1: $1.7 million
vs Velazquez: ? [let's assume 2 million]
vs Morales 2: $2 million
vs Larios: ? [let's assume 2 million]
vs Morales 3: $3 million
vs Solis: ? [let's assume 3 million]
vs Barrera 2: $2 million
vs Marquez 2: $3 million
vs Diaz: $3 million
vs De La Hoya: $20 million
vs Hatton: $13 million
vs Cotto: $22 million
vs Clottey: $12 million
vs Margarito: ? [let's assume 15 million]
vs Mosley: $20 million
vs Marquez 3: $22 million

So, Pacquiao has probably made close to $150 million in his entire career.

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