Watching a fight live vs on TV

Hello all,

I recently (more like finally) got to watch a replay of the Ward-Froch fight more than a few months after it happened. I wanted to see if there was a huge difference between seeing it in person from one angle or through TV that can show you punches you missed or would be blocked from. I've made some observations and just wanted to know if anyone has experienced or noticed the same things when watching on TV after being at the venue.

A few notes: I did not sit ringside. My father and I got tickets dead across from the ramp and main screen. Still, the tickets were reasonable and offered a great view of the bouts. Both him and I scored the fight from the stands to see what we had it. At that time, both him and I did not have any outside influence. (Afterwards, I discovered BLH that night when trying to find a recap.)

Ironically, I had it scored almost identical. I originally agreed with the two judges and had it 115-113 Ward, but after watching it through the tube I re-scored it 116-112 with one round a real question mark. My father also returned a 116-112 score both times. I've heard once in awhile that the judges may not see a punch that viewers at TV see or that they may be seeing something we can't see. For me it and my dad it made no difference in scores or what we thought.

Also, something in boxing that almost never happens actually happened. We watched the whole fight and never once mentioned the ref. In half of the undercards, the word ref was followed either by sucks or preceded by an F-bomb. Another, the ref waited 15 seconds too long to stop it by everyone's watch. Watching it live, Smoger was on his game that night, just letting them go without getting in the way. We couldn't see the interactions from the stands, but watching on replay gave us the insight to what was going on.

Last thing, was the crowd was significantly louder in AC then on TV. Multiple USA/England chants drowned each other out and were quiet deafening at points. On TV, only one was really able to be heard. I can tell you this though, the mics didn't do justice for the fans at the end of the fight, the whole place was cheering the two fighters.

Either way, I thought either way captured the spirit and flow of the fight. The TV broadcast had one different thing, the announcers. Although Gus Johnson tried his best to talk over the action, the analysis and eyeball test were defiantly on the mark. This fight in particular, I think he covered the action fairly ok, once you take his "word long pause word long pause" routine out.

So that brings me to the question. Has anyone gone to a fight, came home and saw it on TV and thought that they were watching two different bouts or that something was different on TV vs in person. Or was it the ref doing something stupid, or the announcers not making points relative to the action or the venue being loud or quiet?

I'd love to have some input on it if you've ever done this.

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