Mayweather vs Cotto and Canelo vs Mosley Training Camp Quotes

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Miguel Cotto square off in just three weeks. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Golden Boy Promotions sent out a press release with some training camp notes on the four main fighters for their May 5 HBO pay-per-view card, headlined by Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Miguel Cotto, with Canelo Alvarez facing Sugar Shane Mosley in the top undercard bout. Here are some quotes from the fighters as they put the finishing touches on their camps.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

"It feels good to be fighting again. I am getting great work from my sparring partners and the energy in the gym is perfect for training hard every day. I am aware of Miguel Cotto's record and success. I am not taking him lightly. I am working hard to get ready for the fight on May 5."

"My body feels great. I always fight around the weight I carry when I am not fighting. Now I can just work harder to feel stronger and more comfortable at 154 pounds. I haven't had to adjust that much because my body has always just kind of found its comfort zone and that's where I fight. I have been given a special gift with my weight. I have never had to worry about it other than to get in the best shape possible for all of my fights."

Miguel Cotto

"Training is going great. I am having fun and enjoying it more than ever. I love it here and I feel at home. I have the same focus and mentality to obtain a victory as I did when camp started. [Trainer] Pedro [Diaz] is a magnificent strategist."

"I have the same diet as always. My mother is with me, so you can imagine how well I am eating."

"The memory of my father is the biggest motivation in my life," said Cotto. "I feel more motivated at this point than any other in my career. I feel more motivated to beat Mayweather than I did when I was training for my first world title."

Canelo Alvarez

"Besides experience and knowledge of the sport, Mosley is a celebrated fighter and a future Hall of Famer. I admire Mosley, and it is a privilege to face him in the ring, however, on May 5, I will be ready."

Shane Mosley

"(Big Bear is) the best place for me to find focus and peace of mind. The mixture of clean mountain air combined with the benefits of high altitude training along with the support of the local community here, it just can't be beat."

"There is a lot to be said about being 100 percent healthy leading up to a fight. Come May 5, I will be ready. I am sticking to my game plan and using the doubters and naysayers that are out there as my motivation to work hard."

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