Manny Pacquiao Goes One-On-One With Sugar Ray Leonard on Timothy Bradley Fight and More (Video)

Hall of Famer Sugar Ray Leonard sat down for a one-on-one interview with Manny Pacquiao for recently, and we've got the video for you. The two discuss Manny's fight on June 9 with Timothy Bradley, retirement, and more.

Pacquiao on the weight of his responsibilities:

"I have a lot of responsibility, especially giving time to my family, and of course the fans, and of course the work in my job, in my office, but I'm still OK. I'm still happy continuing my boxing career."

Pacquiao on losing track and keeping focus:

"You have to focus first and give time to your family, and then the rest, that's your job, your responsibility being a boxer, being a politician. Your responsibility to the fans, everything. You have to manage your time."

Pacquiao and Leonard on the Bradley fight and retirement:

Leonard: "Some people say he's not a threat. What's your take on Tim Bradley?"

Pacquiao: "He's undefeated, he's strong. This kind of fight -- you cannot underestimate him. He's strong and he's a good fighter, so I consider this fight as one of my hardest fights. And you know that."

Leonard: "Without question. When I fought Tommy Hearns the second time -- damn it -- I wasn't as focused. I was in shape, I got in great shape. Everyone kept saying, 'Well, Ray, you know he's shot, he's this, he's that, one punch it's over.' The fighter himself has to stay focused. Sometimes after you reach a certain level, it's hard to maintain that level. When it does become hard, that's a good sign that it's time to pack it in. How does your family feel? Does your family want you to retire, your wife and kids?"

Pacquiao: "My family wants to retire. Especially my mom and also my kids. But my kids, I have kids 11 years old, 10, and 5, and 3, the request is, 'Daddy, I want you to retire, but before you retire I have one request.' 'What is that?' 'You need to fight Floyd Mayweather and beat him.'"

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