A self-paean, spontaneously generatedby Bernard Hopkins on April 23rd, 2012

I’m here to answer some questions.

So I’m not going to get into a dog and cat fight and I ain’t the cat.

At the end of the day,

I really don’t have too much to say

but this is protocol.

But right now it’s too much for me to say.

The only thing I want to do is this show.

Whoever can make it, make it.

Whoever don’t, don’t, but it will be on TV.

Because I’m a legend.

Just watch what the establishment might do

because there’s another person that will want to …

a list of so many young fighters and we never saw them again.

Some ran into the trees

understand what I’m up against.

And when you understand

that for years and years and years of my career,

I don’t think as far as you all do.

I know where to think

and I know where to cut it off.

I just want to lay the platform out there

for everybody who’s on the air

listening that I understand

that you have to dig in the bag of tricks

or a rabbit out of the hat,

because it’s what else are you going to ask me?

I will see a rabbit out of a hat.

So you got to find these things to create what, a conversation.

You’re going to want to come up and shake my hand

and tell me how great I am.

And that’s when I’m going to say, “Thank you,” and go home and sleep in my bed

that I haven’t been in for nine weeks.

if I was any other fighter, from top to bottom,

it would be already there before you know the next move.

The next move would’ve not been even a question of where that person would go, where that fighter would go.

But see, I didn’t already establish a lot of things

that you can’t really see

things will be great and dandy after this fight

because they’ll find an excuse to say,

“Well Chad Dawson wasn’t.”

There’s one thing everybody on this line can understands and knows;

But when it comes to me, I guess the predictors; they know what my track record is.

They know what my track record is.

I don’t have to repeat that.

I don’t have to repeat that.

I’ll just say we’re on the countdown right now, and any other

sticky coat questions or scenarios.

I’ll just continue to kick the naysayer’s ass

in and out of the ring,

because that’s the task

that I’ve always been up against.

you’re dealing with Bernard Hopkins.

You’re dealing with Bernard Hopkins.

There is no home court advantage

for Bernard Hopkins.

A lot of us want to be a lot of things

that we can’t be yet or never.

That’s the game changer, and instead of

six, five, four, three, two, one or

even up to eight, nine, ten and 11,

that’s the game changer

The rules are different for me, man.

The rules are different.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I’m too much of a veteran to go for that okie doke.

There’s a game out of the ring.

I hear the whispers.

I hear the whispers.

It’s all a game.

Why do you think I’ve been quiet?

Because to be quiet, until this media phone conference—

because if I don’t say anything

and I don’t do anything

then they can’t accuse me and charge me,

“Well you know, Bernard, witness here.”

Tell your granddaughter, your grandson,

your kids for the older guys,

you’ll miss what you took for granted when time gone.

I’m gonna rewrite the book.

I’m gonna rewrite the book.

So I’m trying to eliminate a monster

let the cat out of the bag since we kind of close.

It’s not a crime. It’s very unique, I would say.

It’s very strange in a good way,

if strange can be mentioned in a good thing.

So they rely on other excuses

to downplay Bernard Hopkins’ uniqueness

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