Video: Yamanaka vs. Darchinyan

WBCバンタム級タイトルマッチ「山中慎介vsビック・ダルチニャン」1/3 (via jpn55sports)

Part 2

Part 3

Finally found video of Friday’s Shinsuke Yamanaka vs. Vic Darchinyan fight, so here you go. Included below are a round-by-round and my scoring. Official tallies were 116-112 (twice), 117-111, all for Yamanaka.


R1 (Darchinyan 10-9)

Darchinyan pressures Yamanaka, unable to throw many lefts as the champ circles out quickly. The challenger scores with a couple of good lefts to body. Yamanaka looks like he doesn’t want to fight in close quarters.

R2 (Yamanaka 19-19)

Yamanaka finally landing jabs, some power punches. Controls first half of round. Darchinyan settles down in second half, finishes by landing with a left hand.

R3 (Darchinyan 29-28)

Looping left by Darchinyan, left to body. Yamanaka to body. Left by Darchinyan, pushes Yamanaka to the ropes. Yamanaka scores with a left to body. Left by Darchinyan. Though he’s not dominating, the fight is proceeding at Darchinyan’s pace.

R4 (Yamanaka 38-38)

Yamanaka scrapes Darchinyan’s body with a couple of lefts. Flicks off jabs, but Darchinyan keeps his guard up. Left by Yamanaka. Darchinyan only throwing one-two. No variety, could be finding it hard to come inside.

R5 (Yamanaka 48-47)

Darchinyan chasing, may have landed a left. Yamanaka scores with a counter left. Left to body, followed by another. Yamanaka again times the challenger and tags him with a counter left. However, Darchinyan shakes Yamanaka with a wild left that finds the mark. The Aussie chases, but can’t add any more damage. Darchinyan cut over right eye by Yamanaka counter. Darchinyan lands left to body.

R6 (Darchinyan 57-57)

Overhand left by Darchinyan. Doubles/triples jab as the distance between the fighters close. Cut over Darchinyan’s eye getting worse. Yamanaka sticks challenger with jab. Both fighters throw lefts at same time. Darchinyan lands a left. Counter left by Yamanaka. Darchinyan comes in with two lefts. Left by Yamanaka, but Darchinyan comes back with his own. Challenger finishes with left to body.

R7 (Yamanaka 67-66)

Yamanaka now actively throwing the right, jabs to face and body. Darchinyan with left uppercut. Yamanaka coming over with left hand. Fighters settle in center of ring. Yamanaka scores with left to body. Dances in second half of round, keeping distance with the challenger. Darchinyan unable to come in close.

R8 (Darchinyan 76-76)

Yamanaka with jab to body, Darchinyan tries to come over with left. Challenger scores with jab, followed by a couple of lefts. Darchinyan again with a jab. Yamanaka fires back with a couple of jabs himself. Darchinyan comes over with left, then a looping left. Yamanaka stuffs an in-coming Darchinyan with a jab. Darchinyan with an overhand left. Yamanaka finishes with left hand.

R9 (Yamanaka 86-85)

Yamanaka coming forward, looking to land jab. Darchinyan stepping back, not able to throw much in return. Champ moving well, attempts one-two. Yamanaka scores with left, but Darchinyan comes back with his own. Chess match. Not much punching going on. Yamanaka dancing around edges of the ring. D unable to close distance. Lands a jab, but just short with left. Yamanaka scores with jab.

R10 (Yamanaka 96-94)

Both fighters look to land left, bodies cross, Yamanaka reacts more quickly, buzzes Darchinyan with right hook. Yamanaka rushes in to follow up and lands a couple lefts. Darchinyan recovers and comes forward to tie up Yamanaka. Darchinyan throwing wildly. Just off with left. Darchinyan with jab. Yamanaka dancing around again and challenger unable to contain him. Yamanaka timing Darchinyan’s left perfectly in ducking under. Counter left by Yamanaka as Darchinyan trying to come in. Keeps challenger away with jab.

R11 (Yamanaka 106-103)

Hard straight left by Yamanaka lands flush. Darchinyan’s back against ropes, but inviting Yamanaka to come closer. Yamanaka unable to inflict any more damage as Darchinyan pushes forward. Yamanaka with a jab to body. Darchinyan looks like he’s sapped of energy. Darchinyan scores with counter. Yamanaka jabbing from distance. Yamanaka finishes round solidly with left hand and several jabs.

R12 (Yamanaka 116-112)

Yamanaka keeping his distance. Darchinyan with a jab. Yamanaka’s jab making it hard for Darchinyan to close in. Yamanaka with a counter left. Darchinyan scores with a right. Yamanaka circling the ring and Darchinyan can’t cut him off. Jabs traded. Yamanaka scores with a jab. 40 sec left. Yamanaka looking to run out the clock. Darchinyan lands a few jabs, but can’t do much more.

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