Swan Song: Ten Boxers That Need to Hang Up the Gloves

10. ) Hasim "The Rock" Rahman

Rahman came out of nowhere in 2001 when he knocked out former two time undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis to capture the lineal, WBC, IBO, and IBF heavyweight crown. He was, as is the case in boxing a healthy foil for the greater Lewis who seemed to bite at every piece of Rahman's trash talk bait. One of the more memorable moments involving "The Rock" took place during a joint interview between himself and Lewis on the ESPN show 'Up Close' with Gary Miller. During the interview Miller asked Lewis about comments made by Rahman. Lewis accused Rahman of calling him gay and the two went back and forth resulting in an on the air brawl after Lennox Lewis made comments about Rahman's sister.

Since then Lewis avenged the upset loss in their first fight and after that he went on to cement his legacy as the best heavyweight of his era and in my view the greatest heavyweight after Muhammad Ali. As for Rahman, he continues to fight and I last saw him get demolished by Wladimir Klitschko in Germany. The heavyweight division is such that even though Rock is past his expiration date he somehow has a path to fight for another world title. It pains me to see him slug along looking to regain past glory because I genuinely enjoyed him during that rivalry with Lennox Lewis. He was a witty, sort of working class heavyweight who said what he felt and didn't care how much of an underdog he was against Lewis. Everyone seemed to fall in love with his personality; even our friends in the UK who were, of course pro Lennox Lewis at the time.

Bottom line the Rock needs to hang em up and move on with his life.

9. ) Vivian Harris

At 33 Vivian Harris has not had a quality performance against a top flight champion or contender in years. His more recent high profile fights were defeats to prospect Jesse Vargas and former WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz. The one time WBA 140lb champion will never have a crack at a major title and is not in any shape to have a relevant crack at anyone in the Junior Welterweight or Welterweight division.

8. ) Kermit Cintron

Kermit Cintron got knocked out in his last fight with young rising superstar and WBC junior middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez. Heaven only knows how and why Kermit was allowed to participate in that fight against a light years more fresh and younger champion with legit power and aggression. Cintron was a nice story in his heyday but if he continues to take punishment like he did against Alvarez it would be a shame because Kermit is an all around good guy. I am glad however that he won a world title in the early stages of his career.

7. ) Joel Casamayor Johnson

Former lightweight champion and great Joel Casamayor was last seen going through the motions against Timothy Bradley at a weight in which made him look old and fat. Casamayor took a page from the Shane Mosley hand book and did the moon walk. He wasn't there to fight, he was there to get paid because he needs the money. There's nothing sadder in this great sport than seeing great hall of fame worthy fighters past their glory years fighting for quick dollars against worthy upstart champions.

6. ) Glen Johnson

The Road Warrior has racked up a lot of miles throughout his very underrated career. He's one of those rare cases where you have a fighter whose record suggests he's nothing but a gate keeper or record filler for a more talented prospect, but in fact Glengoffe Johnson proved that limited skill doesn't matter when you have a solid chin and solid determination. He shocked the boxing world in 2004 when he knocked out Roy Jones Jr., who himself appears on this list near the top. He also made a surprising run in the recent Super Six tournament but was ultimately stopped by Carl Froch. His last outing was a non performance against IBF super middleweight champion Lucian Bute in Montreal. Glen Johnson fought everybody, he lost to a lot of them and he beat some of them. He also gained respect from fans and his peers in the process.

5. ) Roy Jones Jr.

Roy Jones in his prime was the most naturally gifted non technical boxer I'd ever seen. He could do things offensively that more than made up for his sort of unorthodox style. He was fast, powerful in both hands, and had reflexes like a cat. Recently we saw Roy lip syncing in Russia and let me tell you that lip syncing was so obvious I don't know how he got away with it. Before that he fought Max Alexander for an irrelevant cruiserweight title. Before that he was violently knocked out by Denis Lebedev. Jones is great on HBO and quite frankly he should stay there. Aside from Manny Steward and before that George Foreman, Roy is by far the most knowledgeable, reasonable, and more than half way decent commentator for HBO Boxing.

RJ said he wants to go for another world title win or lose and then he will retire for good. He fought and beat nearly every single fighter in his era when those fighters who legitimate champions and number one in their divisions. Most of those guys are future hall of famers themselves, including Bernard Hopkins, Virgil Hill, Antonio Tarver, and James Toney.

4. ) James "Lights Out" Toney

James Toney at his absolute peak was and is the greatest defensive boxer of all time. He perfected the Ezzard Charles shoulder roll and could have been the greatest middleweight and super middleweight of all time. Though his out of the ring lifestyle and inability to maintain a certain weight ultimately resulted in a conversation of what James could have been, perhaps more so of what he was. He's a hall of famer no doubt but boy if he had only taken that fight with Roy Jones in 1993 with more serious preparation; who knows what history would have said. His greatness can be seen in the fighters he defeated, but you can't help but to wonder "what if" when you put his name along side Bernard Hopkins, Joe Calzaghe, Gerald McClellan, Nigel Benn, and Chris Eubank. James Toney should have fought those guys.

The irony of Jones and Toney being #5 and #4 respectively on this list, is as such because they fought each other and both were beaten by Denis Lebedev.

3. ) Enzo Maccarinnelli

Enzo Maccarinnelli's name doesn't pop up that often when you talk about former cruiserweight champions but nonetheless he's one that needs to nix all talk of a rematch with British cruiserweight champion Shane McPhillbin and he needs to stop chasing a showdown with WBO light heavyweight champion Nathan Cleverly. As much of a fraud I know Clev to be as a legit champion, truth is Enzo looked faded as all get out in the first fight with McPhillbin. He said it himself he hasn't got it anymore so why go on? Why then suck all that weight down just to fight a younger, fresher champion who despite being a beatable champion nonetheless stays extremely busy in the ring and has a good motor.

2. ) "Sugar" Shane Mosley

The jury in my view has always been out for Shane in terms of how "great" he really is. Shane is what I call a generalist boxer puncher. He's not great at anything but he's not bad at anything either. He's an aggressive standard boxer with good pop and a strong work ethic. He's not an all time great but he's still a great champion and a future hall of famer. I just never fancied Shane in an era different from his own and him having the same amount of success. In his last two fights he looked every bit of 39 years old and against Manny Pacquiao he was more focused on survival and retreat than going out on his shield and throwing punches. On May 5th he's fight for a world title in the 154lb division against hot young star Canelo Alvarez. It doesn't matter if Alvarez is still a question mark in terms of his talent, Shane is old enough, shot enough, and rather nullified as a threat to pose any danger of exposing the redhead Mexican superstar.

1. ) Bernard Hopkins/Antonio Margarito

Number one will be shared by two fighters that have always been two of my personal favorites. I never piled on Margarito when he was guilty of cheating. I never piled on Margarito when he fought Cotto in the rematch last December and you had boxing fans whose hatred was so high they were wishing death on Antonio as if to take his transgressions personally. He needs to retire to save his eyesight. Robert Garcia argues that the Cotto rematch was stopped prematurely and that Margarito was fine despite his eye being swollen shut. The Cotto rematch doesn't take away from his toughness or his reputation as a blood and guts Mexican warrior who throws punches from that freakish body of his. He was a nightmare pre-plastergate: a tall Mexican puncher with power, a chin, and reach.

Bernard Hopkins is the oldest world champion in history. Bernard is the greatest middleweight of all time. Bernard Hopkins went from the Penitentiary to the MGM Grand and in his wake left the likes of future hall of famers Felix Trinidad, Oscar De La Hoya, and Antonio Tarver. He schooled former middleweight world champion Kelly Pavlik and finally avenged his loss to Roy Jones when the two met for a rematch in 2010; albeit a wee bit late for that fight to have any significance other than historic.

B-hop isn't a shot fighter but one that is starting to rely on the lowest common denominator to win fights rather than his ring intelligence and defensive expertise. He'll rematch former IBF and WBC light heavyweight champion Chad Dawson in three weeks. Whether or not this will be the Executioner's last stand remains to be seen, although many people feel if there's one light heavyweight out there that can get to Hopkins in a real way and make him look every minute of those 47 years it's Chad Dawson.

If he loses I don't want Frank Warren and Nathan Cleverly using him as a pay day. I want Hopkins to retire if he loses to Chad Dawson.

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