It's Not if but When, they're fires stop burning

Everything comes to an end.

We all know that in boxing, the end usually comes before one or the other participiant hopes and expects. Very few get to write their own endings.

That may or not be the case with the two most dynamic fighters of this past decade, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, as both of these men have achieved so much in the ring and earned such extraordinary sums both within and in Pacquiao's case, without. Either and/or both, should they desire, can certainly dictate the terms of their respective retirements, assuming they do so soon.

Neither is in their absolute prime. I think we saw that in both men's last fight.

Despite winning rounds and claiming to have chosen the complexion of his fight last weekend, we all know that Floyd doesn't fight to get hit and not hit. It has never been the case and, clear victory notwithstanding, it was Miguel Cotto, not Floyd, who dictated the nature of that recent battle. And it was not for lack of trying. Floyd clearly wanted to hit and hurt the game and ready Cotto as he whacked him with extreme prejudice with punches with bad intent early and often. But it was not to be.

The same and more can be said about Manny Pacquiao's last fight; a fight many believe he actually lost despite the UD in his favor. Not only would Manny have liked to dictate the terms of engagement, he himself said that he was dissatified with his performance. Nor for that matter were his fans or detractors.

Personally, I think Floyd and Manny are still performing but their ends are certainly much closer.

Manny is despite any claims to the contrary a different person than the kid that literally came from and eat off the streets in his native Philippines. He is not as hungry. Moreover, his ambitions are clearly stated and known to everyone who knows him best; he wants to be Governor and then, with hard work and some good fortune, Vice President of his country. His political ambitions are his future.

Moreover, he is truly now far more religious. I am reminded of the Muslim Mike Tyson; a hard man softened inside after not just ring battles but belief in something other than himself. This is not a direct comparison but the Manny Pacquaio that enters the ring the next time or the next is far clsoer to being a political figure in a highly religious and very poor country than he is to the young fighter who was an underdog when he first fought the likes of Marco Antonio Barrera and Oscar de la Hoya, to name but two.

Call it what you will but I call it a kinder and gentler Manny Pacquiao.

I will say the same for Floyd; a marketing genius who entered the ring with the trending king, Justin Beiber, and was clearly prepared before the fight to apologize to Larry Merchant publicly....and a guest on SNL.... come out for a second interview.

That...was not the Floyd Mayweather wh fought and punished a a metaphoric badly behaved child in Victor Ortiz. This was the now 35 year old kindler gentler...."I want puplic approval"...Floyd Money Mayweather; a man preparing his good name for his future. Outside of Boxing.

I know what I think we all know; this passage and these men will soon leave the scene.

Or am I alone. What say you?

Do the fires still burn and if so how soon will they soon extinguish themselves?

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