Press Release: Top Rank purchases WBC

For immediate release: Top Rank purchases WBC

Las Vegas, NV 05/11/2012

Top Rank, Inc is pleased to announce that it has purchased the WBC sanctioning body, effective immediately.

But with the purchase come the inevitable questions: How can the venerable publication sanctioning body maintain its credibility and how can its championship belts and rankings be viable given the obvious conflict of interest of having De La Hoya Arum, one of the sport's leading promoters, in charge?

De La Hoya Arum said he understands the skepticism; boxing has been beset by scandal after scandal, including one involving Ring rankings in the 1970s several involving the WBC since its inception. But he is ready to deal with it.

"We'll have no say over the editorial content of the magazine rankings and titles," De La Hoya Arum said. "We're promoters who are going to be fair to everyone. That's the responsibility we carry. I'm sure we're going to read the magazine rankings one day and we will be criticized. Our fighters won't be on the cover every month have every single belt. You'll be seeing Top Rank Golden Boy fighters on the cover with at least one belt.

"The editors WBC board make the choices, but I understand what people are thinking. Here you have Golden Boy Top Rank buying Ring magazine the WBC and people will be thinking, 'Now they will rank all of their fighters in the top 10.' But Ring the WBC has a reputation of being straightforward and being honest, especially with their rankings. We don't want to look at them or touch them. It means so much to the boxing world."

"We have nothing to hide," De La Hoya Arum said. "We're obviously more than happy and willing to answer any questions. We're doing the right thing for boxing. We're doing the right thing for the fans."


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