Haye vs Chisora: David Haye Dedicating Fight to 'Beaten Women'

David Haye says he's dedicating his fight with Dereck Chisora to beaten women and the bullied. (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

David Haye tells The Daily Star that he's dedicating his July 14 fight with Dereck Chisora to "beaten women" and "people who have been bullied by men like" his opponent.

Chisora, of course, was found guilty of assaulting an ex-girlfriend in 2010, and much of Haye's focus in hyping this fight has been characterizing Chisora as a bully.

"I don’t know what logically goes on in his brain. He’s not a nice guy and this fight will be ­dedicated to all the women who have been beaten – and people who have been ­bullied – by men like Dereck Chisora. This one goes out to them.

"I’ve always had ­respect for opponents as ­human beings, even though I don’t let them know it.

"But there’s nothing to like about this guy. He has no social graces and for me to say that, ­someone who is supposed to be a real bad guy, apparently, shows how bad he is."

This has been the direction of the promotional push. Haye is attempting to paint himself as the lesser of two evils, more or less. Sure, he's a loudmouth jerk and a lot of people think he's a clown who talks a big game but doesn't back it up, but hey, he's not Dereck Chisora, a "true" bad guy.

It's not that wild a strategy. There really isn't a lot to like about Chisora. There's not a ton to like about Haye, either, from a boxing fan's standpoint, but I'm guessing if most had to choose between the two, Haye would win the vote.

And anyway, nothing "better" should be expected of this fight's promotion. It would usually be surprising to hear something like this brought up, or at least controversial. With these two, it's pretty much a shrug of the shoulders. Of course Haye brought this up. Of course this is going to be used to hype the fight.

There's also a bit about Chisora's trainer wanting to fight Haye, and Haye having broken his jaw, but I've no idea with that, nor do I much care.

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