Pacquiao vs Bradley Controversy: Judges, Nevada Commission to Review Scoring

The controversial Pacquiao vs Bradley fight will be reviewed by the Nevada commission and the three judges. (Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE)

The Nevada State Athletic Commission and judges Duane Ford, C.J. Ross, and Jerry Roth will review the highly controversial Pacquiao vs Bradley fight, but director Keith Kizer says that they're not being brought in to be "investigated" on any level.


"I want them to review it with me for my own edification. So I'm going to have them come in individually and we will watch it. I expect these judges will show that they used correct scoring criteria and can verbalize their decision-making, as they have been able to do in the past."

... "What I'm interested is seeing is where the rounds were close, and why one judge went this way and the other two went the other way. What was the difference in A) how close it was in their minds, and B) what was the difference in that round that they gave that round to Pacquiao or they gave that round to Bradley. So again, what your looking for is A) a good explanation and B) very similar if not the exact same criteria that the judges are applying to what they see and what they hear."

This sounds like it amounts to, well, very little, quite honestly. Keith Kizer's "edification" doesn't seem a terribly important thing to me. I don't mean that to insult Kizer, really, but this isn't any kind of investigation, and it really doesn't mean much at all. They're going to say, "Well that's what I saw," and he's going to say, "OK."

Bob Arum has asked the Nevada attorney general for a proper investigation into what went on, but it's expected that won't really go anywhere.

Personally, I'm holding out for a hero. Someone who knows ... the mind of a judge.

Pacquiao vs Bradley Results
Bradley SD-12 Pacquiao | Arce NC-2 Rojas
Bailey TKO-11 Jones | Rigondeaux TKO-5 Kennedy

Post-Fight Fallout
Arum 'Ashamed' of Boxing | Judges Scorecards (Photo)
Full Fight Video Highlights | Manny Wants Rematch in Vegas
Winners and Losers: Manny and Bob Win, Bradley and Marquez Lose

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