George Groves Interview: Mandatory Challenger Kenny Anderson, Gucci iPhone Cases, and Twitter

George Groves still holds the British and Commonwealth super middleweight titles, and says he's just waiting on his mandatory rematch with Kenny Anderson while discussing ... well, all kinds of stuff with iFilm London, including Gucci iPhone cases and being bored on Twitter.

* * * * *

On his current status in the sport:

"I haven't vacated, haven't been stripped. I'm still champion. ... I can confirm I haven't retired. I still am a boxer. Still active, allegedly. At this moment in time, I still have the British title, and I have a mandatory which is Kenny Anderson. Frank Warren won the purse bid to promote that fight, and as such I'm waiting for him to put that fight on."

On disappointment to lose his fight with Robert Stieglitz:

"It was bitter. Bitterly disappointing. I was out training in Cyprus, training very hard, in great shape. Ready to rock, and then injury struck me. It didn't really hit home until I got home, and Adam (Booth) said I'd been pulled out, and I realized Stieglitz was gonna fight someone else, and then I was bumped out of the picture completely. So obviously that was a real shame and a real bitter pill for me to swallow. But since then, I've tried not to let it get me down. I'm still champion for the British and the Commonwealth, and I have to defend that at some point. So I was back training straight away. It was only my nose that was stopping me from fighting, so I took some time off. I'm back training, now back sparring, I'm in full health and ready to go."

On when he wants to fight Kenny Anderson:

"Any time. Any time. Ideally, definitely sooner rather than later. I don't want to hang out the summer and not box. I haven't boxed this year. This is the time in my career when I need to be as active as possible. Obviously getting injured was a downer, something that I probably couldn't help, but now I'm fit and healthy and I hope to be out soon. I was actually thinking about glassing you today, trying to set up a big fight. But I thought against it. I didn't think it would sell. ... David (Haye) done it and he got a fight, I can't get a fight for love nor money. ... I hope you wouldn't (let a ginger person get away with that), because then we're set up for a big fight. Maybe you give me some banter back..."

On his Twitter personality:

"Take from it what you will. ... I can't give away any sort of relevant knowledge. I can't really actually tell people what I'm doing in the gym. That's a secret. That would be used to my disadvantage. So I just tell people random shit. People don't care. They ask what everyone does. Instead of just me keep tweeting things to random things. Loads of things confuse me. ... Your dress sense confuses me, but I don't bring it up. I'll Twitter it. ... It matches, yeah. Your iPhone case I noticed matched the outfit. ... Is it Gucci? It's not real, though, is it? ... You got ripped off for a fake Gucci if you paid £50."

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