Pacquiao vs Bradley: Tim Bradley Frustrated With Fan Reaction, Only Wants Top Fighters

Timothy Bradley says a lack of respect from boxing fans is getting to him. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images)

Timothy Bradley, who beat Manny Pacquiao by controversial split decision, is growing frustrated with the reaction of the general public and most boxing fans.

Here's what he told The Boxing Lab:

"I am at the point where I am losing my love for boxing. It's just that I have came along way and never got any credit. Still today I don't get credit. I'm a four-time world champion and I still haven't gotten any credit. I am sick of it. I just want to fight the best fights out there for me and my family and the fans out there. I want to give them the beset fights. I don't really care about the record books. I'm the freaking welterweight champion of the world and people feel like I don't deserve it."

As easy as it is for someone who thought Pacquiao won the fight to go, "well, tough luck," I think it's hard to not see his point. The guy did work hard. He has fought hard. And he's never cultivated a fan base. None of this, by the way, is his fault. Not the scoring on Saturday (which he does think was correct), and not the fact that he's not accepted. He should be accepted. He is one of the best boxers in the world, pound-for-pound. He was No. 1 at 140, which was a strong weight class while he was on top, and he's a legit top guy at 147, too.

It's also not Bradley's fault he's never been able to draw fans. It's really not -- as we found out on 24/7, he's not the charisma-lacking bore of a personality most of us had been led to believe. He's actually quite charismatic, a good talker, and a likeable guy.

And no, I don't think his belief that he deserves the win in this fight makes him less likeable.

Bradley also says he wants to face top fighters, be it a rematch with Manny or someone else:

"Whatever makes the most money and makes the most sense (is what I'm looking for). I'm not looking for any up and comers. I want to fight the best out there."

Now this quote I'll quibble with just a bit and say that it's a good thing for Tim Bradley that Junior Witter and Manny Pacquiao didn't turn down fights with a guy who was seen as an "up and comer" to one degree or another. But I get it.

Honestly, I think Tim Bradley has taken too much criticism for what happened on Saturday. I really do feel that way. Still, though...

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