Julio Caesar Chavez Jr.: A Rant

Hello! Well, first I'd like to congratulate JCC Jr. for fighting a good and hard fight. It was very entertaining. Okay, on to the meat!

1.) JCC Jr. is still pretty one dimensional. He can move around agst Manfredo, and he can pressure some against Andy Lee, but we talkin' Andy Lee, ANDY LEE! He can walk thru a contender or fringe contender.

2.) I'd like to join everyone and being hyped up about JCC Jr., especially after a good win, but on a closer look I still think he's slow as crap. He throws big and wide punches and leaves himself open afterward or off balance.

3.) His footwork is slow, plodding and god-awful. I think the only person he could catch is Margarito! Maybe Angulo with a flu! Martinez will light him up on that alone, and JCC Jr. will never get him stuck on the ropes even if he is 220 lbs. that night!

4.) JCC Jr.'s large size is overrated. Yes, he can walk through some punches, his punches have a little more weight, and he can be rugged, but it still remains his hands and feet are slow as crap, his defense is marginal, and I don't know if he could adjust to a true elite opponent like Sergio Martinez.

5.) His chin is world class. It got dinged and it never flinched.

6.) Infighting - It's alright, not great. There are a lot of lulls in his infighting because he needs time to get set, find openings, and get a rhythm. Martinez would be gone by the time he throws, or after 1-2 shots. He goes pretty heavy to the body, but only agst someone who will sit on the ropes agst him.

7.) JCC Jr. seems to get slower, and sloppier the more he opens up, that's not good! A good pressure fighter usually gets cooking as the rounds go on like Joe Frazier or a focused Brandon Rios.

8.) JCC Jr. vs. Canelo? Based on what I've seen so far I'd have to go with the Cinna-bum. Cinnbum seems to have better fundamentals, fights a little cleaner, have better defense, more polish, crisper punches, more and better combinations, and more dimensions. There is the size factor, which could play some factor, but I'd stick pick Canelo anyway. That would be a fun fight!

That's about it. Athletically and skill wise I just don't see what's so special about JCC Jr.,to be blunt, ANYTHING special about JCC Jr.! Okay, I did like how he was about to keep his right glove up to block Andy Lee's right hooks, that's about it. See ya!

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