Big Win. Huge Loss.

The tale of Timothy Bradley is not totally uncommon in Boxing. Tim won but some do not think so. Many in fact.

In winning Bradley gained for himself the belt that had once belonged to his much celebrated opponent, the former champion Manny Pacquiao. His split decision win over Manny Pacquiao found Bradley victorious in the biggest fight of his life; at least, that is, according to the only people who count, the judges sitting ringside.

Then why such a long face, Tim? After all, Winning the only thing, at least that is what we are meant to believe and reward.

Boxing, however, doesn't always work that way despite the efforts made to protect a fighter's 'O'. This year alone, we have seen multiple cases of questionable decisions or worse in favor of one fighter or another; not exactly a strange occurence in a sport judged so subjectively but enough to call into question the losers and the winners.

What strikes me and I suppose most boxing fans is the magnitude of this event; that it occured in boxings equivalent of a playoff final; a Pacquiao fight.

I know that Lara beat Williams and that Avril beat Rios. I know that Casamayor lost against Jose Armando Santa Cruz. In fact, we all know.

What I don't know if Rios, or Williams or old Casa knew or cared. What I do know however is that Tim Bradley does. That this victory and the reaction to it, mostly critical, hurts him. And I understand. It should. The kid fought his heart out and he won...but lost big.

In a place that counts not in the record book but someplace much deeper, in the heart of public opinion.

Can anybody think of an incident in boxing and/or all sport where the Winner was, for lack of a better description, "The Biggest Loser".

I am having trouble doing so.

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