Boxing by country

You know, I was thinking to myself 'America needs more boxing talent! Hurgh blurgh, nobody good in the Olympics boxing representing America!'

Then I did some research. Check it.

Interesting data.. glancing at the top#10 in each weight class, and what country they are from?

USA: 33 [about 10 of which is Latin-Americans]
Mexico: 31
United Kingdom [Britain, Ireland]: 15
Japan: 14
Eastern Europe [Ukraine, Czech, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia]: 13
Philippines: 9
Africa [Ghana, South Africa, Malawi, Nigeria]: 9
South America [Argentina]: 7
Asia [Indonesia, mostly Thailand]: 6
Middle East [Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Armenia]: 6
Cuba: 5
Puerto Rico: 5
Western Europe [Spain, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy]: 5
Central America [Panama, Dominican Republic]: 5
Canada: 3
Australia: 3

So, I guess Mexico is #1 in boxing talent. With the USA at #2 and Britain at #3, followed closely by Japan and the Eastern Bloc. With the Philippines at #5.

Also, I had previously done some research on boxing by region. Thought I would share this as well.

I decided to do a little research on how many countries have professional boxing. I decided to limit my research by size, because really, I don't care how small your country is - if you don't have at least 100 active boxers across 17 weight classes, you don't really have boxing of any real predominance. I thought I would share.
NORTH AMERICA: Canada, United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico
CENTRAL AMERICA: Nicaragua, Panama
SOUTH AMERICA: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia
EUROPE: France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain
EASTERN EUROPE: Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine
MIDDLE EAST: Georgia, Uzbekistan
AFRICA: Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania
ASIA: Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand
OCEANIA: Australia, New Zealand


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