Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs Rafael Marquez, Tyson Fury, Diego Magdaleno: Boxing Schedule Update

Rafael Marquez could be back on August 4 in Puerto Rico, facing Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images)

Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs Rafael Marquez - August 4 in Puerto Rico Discussed

A possible fight between former junior bantamweight titlist Wilfredo Vazquez Jr and Mexican veteran Rafael Marquez has been discussed for August 4 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, potentially paired with Ivan Calderon's attempt to win another 105-pound belt against Moises Fuentes.

Vazquez (21-2-1, 18 KO) has dropped two of his last three, losing via TKO-12 to Jorge Arce last year, and by decision to Nonito Donaire in February. The 27-year-old second generation fighter is a solid fighter, but I wouldn't count out the 37-year-old Marquez here.

Marquez (41-7, 37 KO) knocked out Eric Aiken in 2:26 on May 5 in his last fight, his first bout since a loss to the top dog in the division, Toshiaki Nishioka, in October 2011. Marquez didn't fight poorly at all against Nishioka, and looked better back at 122 than he had at 126 pounds.

I personally think this is a really good fight. Marquez has declined and is old, but still has a lot of fight left in him, and game-changing power remains when combined with his accuracy. He's a tough customer and Vazquez would be scoring a career-best win (unless Marquez is suddenly shot) were he to beat Rafa. Plus, Rafael has a good history of great fights against guys named "Vazquez."

Diego Magdaleno vs Antonio Davis - August 4 in Las Vegas

Super featherweight Diego Magdaleno (22-0, 8 KO) will also return on August 4, fighting at Texas Station in Las Vegas, against veteran Antonio Davis (29-7, 13 KO).

This fight I'm far less enthusiastic about than the Vazquez-Marquez fight. Davis, 39, has frankly looked terrible the last few times I've seen him, and I'm starting to wonder if the 25-year-old Magdaleno isn't being held back a bit, and if the Top Rank matchmakers aren't a bit worried about stiffening his competition, for whatever reason. This does happen -- guys look good, but matchmakers see something that gives them pause, and they stagnate. To us, it feels like simple stagnation. To the handlers, it's more about hoping improvements come along.

Frankly, I think Vanes Martirosyan has seen some of this happen to his career. Luckily Magdaleno hasn't started calling out everyone and then turning down fights with them yet.

Tyson Fury Gets New Venue For July 7

Tyson Fury will be staging his July 7 fight at Hand Arena in Clevendon, aired live on Channel 5. The fight was originally to take place in Blackpool, but that fell through. An opponent will be announced soon, but given that we're a month away from the fight, lower your expectations even further than you might have before. He's not going to be facing anyone good, and Hennessy will continue to milk the Channel 5 deal for all the money he can, while protecting his top (and only real) drawing card.

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