Pacquiao vs Bradley Results: Randall Bailey Scores Comeback KO of Mike Jones in 11th Round

Randall Bailey scored the upset with a brutal knockout of Mike Jones in the 11th round on the Pacquiao vs Bradley undercard. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

For nine rounds, Randall Bailey and his big right hand waited. And waited. And waited some more. For those nine rounds, Mike Jones ran up a likely lead on the scorecards (BLH had it 89-82 for Jones at that point). But it was beyond dull. The fight was just flat-out boring.

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In the 10th round, though, Bailey landed his big right hand, and Jones went down. It came late, and Jones got up and got out of the round. But late in the 11th, another one, this time an uppercut, flew in and exploded Jones' nose, putting him back on the canvas. And that was it. Suddenly, it was over. And Randall Bailey had won his second world title, this one at 147 pounds.

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Bailey, in tears of joy after the fight, provided a moment that made the fight worth it. We won't pretend the fight was good for nine rounds. It wasn't. But the finish was memorable for sure, and one of boxing's most hyped prospects and emerging contenders lost his undefeated mark.

Bailey (43-7, 37 KO) can bang. Period. He can't do a lot else, and he knows that, and he doesn't try to do more than he can. But there is nobody around that weight that can take a flush right from Randall Bailey and stay up. Not Mike Jones, not Manny Pacquiao, not Floyd Mayweather, not Canelo Alvarez. The man still has pure thunder in his right hand.

Jones (26-1, 19 KO) was disappointing again before the loss, simply doing nothing impressive on the night. He was tentative, seemed extremely concerned with being hit (rightly so), and though he was winning the fight, it was mostly because Bailey wasn't doing anything at all.

It was a moment to remember, if not a fight for the vaults. This is why YouTube clips and highlight reels are made, folks. Boom, right hand, and the upset is scored.

Our live coverage continues here, with Jorge Arce facing Jesus Rojas in the final undercard bout before the Pacquiao vs Bradley main event.

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