A Word About Danny (Garcia)

Much has been written of the recent and recurrent fall of Amir Khan and understandably; he was the star, the A-side fighter on the card with the less familiar Danny Garcia. It makes sense therefore that most of the boxosphere is still as abuzz about Khan as he was buzzed by Garcia.... and continues to be so.

But that time for me has ended. I think it is time to not simply realize that the other man but it is time to fully recognize the man and his accomplishment, Danny Garcia.

Garcia beat Khan. He came into the fight undefeated. His last opponent was a man who, age notwithstanding, always comes to fight and fight hard. And he beat him. We may have been dismissive but make no mistake, as long as he is fighting, Erik Morales is not a walkover. He is a tough hombre.

Garcia beat Morales despite Morales ignoring the weight contracted. He took punishment and he dished it better that a man many recognize as a superior brawler one year ago, Marcos Maidana.

Most of us, myself included, failed to give Garcia credit then and there. We saw him as an opponent. Worse yet, we almost didn't see him at all. And that is something I think now needs to be corrected.

Garcia is a hungry, tough, highly trained, disciplined and intelligent fighter. He is not the best at anything but the sum of who he is as a fighter is clearly greater than the parts. He is strong. And he is brave. And as I said before, highly disciplined and trained.

He fought through the first three rounds at a severe speed disadvantage but he stood his ground and stood it firmly. He withstood many shots that would have hurt another man fact he was cut and hurt....but he stayed right in Khan's pocket precisely as instructed. And never panicked. That was the strategy and he executed it fathfully.

Take Khan's early firepower and the fight will change. Garcia knew that, trusted himself, and seized the opportunities when they made themselves apparent. That is tough enough on a good day but under Khan's furious and accurate fire, that is extremely hard to do.

Stay cool. Trust yourself. Feel his power. Trust your own. And Execute.

Sounds simple but we all know its not. Garcia had and has what it takes to be where he is today; on top of the list of fighters deserving big paydays. Exciting and fan friendly, I expect to see more good, even great, efforts from Danny Garcia.

Khan lost that fight.....but not by himself. He was beat badly... by the better man. Danny Garcia.

Stand up Danny. You have earned my respect.

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