50 Cent Beefs With Oscar De La Hoya, Hints at Making Move on Mayweather Fights

50 Cent lashed out at Oscar De La Hoya on Twitter tonight, and hinted that Golden Boy might be pushed out of future Floyd Mayweather fights. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images)

You may have heard that Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson has started his own boxing promotional company, TMT Promotions, which is already licensed in New York and is reportedly in the process of being licensed in Nevada. 50 is expected to sign Yuriorkis Gamboa and Andre Dirrell, two guys who are close with Floyd Mayweather's team, and of course, 50 and Mayweather are very good friends.

Oscar De La Hoya heard about it, or so 50 Cent believes. Yesterday, Oscar tweeted, "Everyone wanting to be a boxing promoter? Good luck. Easier said then done." This single statement sent 50 into a Twitter tirade.

Here's what he said, and I won't change the spelling or anything, because, well, I don't feel like it.

Here's the real money, though, as 50 hints at making a move to push Golden Boy out of future Floyd Mayweather fights:

  • I don't gamble floyd do,but I bet you you won't be promoting Floyd mayweather no more. TMT PROMOTIONS

Well then. That could be a big deal. If 50 is working his way into Mayweather's fights, and basically putting up the money that Golden Boy used to put up, then the game is going to change a little bit. Without Mayweather essentially a Golden Boy fighter (which he essentially has been since 2007, fighting only Golden Boy fighters and Miguel Cotto, with Golden Boy promoting every single one of Mayweather's fights), then GBP doesn't have that major PPV attraction, that go-to megastar they can claim put on the biggest fight of the year, making Golden Boy the biggest promoter, etc.

Now this is all just gibberish until Floyd Mayweather himself says something about it, but hey, it's out there. Mayweather should be saying something about it sometime in the near future. He shouldn't be in jail too much longer.

Anyway, for kicks, here's how it continued:

50 responded by calling this "Classic," and adding, "Great back pedal,can you swim backwards like that to girl?lol I except that as a apology."

All in all, it was quite an entertaining meeting of the, uh, minds. I hope 50 makes a dis track about Oscar. Even more than that, I hope Oscar responds with one of his own.

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