Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Bantamweights: Wins For Italy, Australia, and More (Updated Brackets)

The bantamweights finished up their opening round this afternoon in London.

The round of 32 is over for the bantamweights with no major surprises. Here are the results from the second session, with updated brackets for the round of 16 at the bottom.

[ Morning Results: Bantamweight / Middleweight ]

Bantamweight (123 lbs/56kg)

Jahyn Vittorio Parrinello (Italy) def. Jonas Matheus (Namibia), 18-7: Parrinello moves on to face Great Britain's Luke Edwards with a pretty strong showing against game but outclassed Matheus. Parrinello built up a good lead early, showed a lot of style, and despite Matheus doing his best to make a charge, he advances with a clear win.

Ibrahim Balla (Australia) def. Aboubakr Seddik Lbida (Morocco), 16-16: Balla wins on countback. Lbidia led 12-11 after two, but Balla got physical in round three, tied it up, and won on the tiebreaker. Lbida was pretty emotional, of course, and it was a tough, tough break. This was the best fight of the day to this point.

Detelin Dalakliev (Bulgaria) def. Ayabonga Sonjica (South Africa), 15-6: Dalakliev built up a 10-3 lead after two rounds, and after that it was academic. Sonjica had a really rough time in the first two rounds, but gave an honest effort in the third and did what he could.

Mohamed Amine Ouadahi (Algeria) def. Murab Turkadze (Georgia): This was a forfeit win, as Turkadze missed weight.

William Encarnacion (Dominican Republic) def. Braexir Lemboumba (Gabon), 15-6: Fairly easy win for Encarnacion, but a fun fight. Lemboumba -- who became "La Bamba" by the third round to Teddy Atlas -- was fighting the whole way, but Encarnacion was just the better man.

Satoshi Shimizu (Japan) def. Isaac Dogboe (Ghana), 10-9: It looked like we had an upset on our hands, as short, 17-year-old Dogboe appeared to have beaten the Japanese veteran, but a 5-2 third round gave it to Dogboe. The London crowd did not agree, and I did not either. Shimizu was very surprised by the decision, too.

Bantamweight Matchups - Round of 16 (August 1)

Lazaro Alvarez (Cuba) vs Joseph Diaz Jr (United States)
Sergey Vodopiyanov (Russia) vs Robenilson Vieira (Brazil)

John Joe Nevin (Ireland) vs Kanat Abutalipov (Kazakhstan)
Oscar Valdez (Mexico) vs Anvar Yunusov (Tajikistan)

Luke Campbell (Great Britain) vs Jahyn Vittorio Parrinello (Italy)
Ibrahim Balla (Australia) vs Detelin Dalakliev (Bulgaria)

Mohamed Amine Ouadahi (Algeria) vs William Encarnacion (Dominican Republic)
Satoshi Shimizu (Japan) vs Magomed Abdulhamidov (Azerbaijan)

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