Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Flyweights: Cuba's Ramirez Shines, Division Delivers Top Action (Updated Brackets)

The flyweights put on a great show in London, including a standout performance from 19-year-old Cuban Robeisy Ramirez.

The flyweights have finished up in London, and here are the results from the afternoon session of round one. Updated brackets at the bottom.

[ Early Results: Flyweight / Light Heavyweight ]

Flyweight (114 lbs/52kg)

Nordine Oubaali (France) def. Ajmal Faisal (Afghanistan), 22-9: Mostly one-sided, but a fun fight. Oubaali isn't going to be any pushover for Team USA's Rau'Shee Warren, the only seeded American, who received a first round bye. Oubaali has some power, moves well, and can box. Faisal was outgunned, but had a lot of grit and fought his ass off until the very end.

Duke Micah (Ghana) def. Jason Lavigilante (Mauritius), 18-14: Another good fight from the flyweights. Both were quality and had a competitive scrap throughout, with Micah taking an edge in each round. The Ghanaian moves on to face seeded Michael Conlan of Ireland.

Chatchai Butdee (Thailand) def. Selcuk Eker (Turkey), 24-10: Butdee grabs the high score in the tournaments thus far, starting very fast with an 11-2 first round that included an eight-count on a body shot. He scored another eight-count in the second round. Eker really didn't give a poor showing, but Butdee put it on him.

Robeisy Ramirez (Cuba) def. Katsuaki Susa (Japan), 19-7: 19-year-old Cuban was very, very impressive. Susa is actually quite skilled, but Ramirez just dominated the fight. This kid could be a serious threat in what is a deep, talented class.

Ilyas Suleimenov (Kazakhstan) def. Salomo Ntuve (Sweden), 13-8: Ntuve is about 12 foot 9. Actually he's 6-foot, which is of course enormous for a 114 pound fighter. Absolutely enormous. And he fought like a giraffe on ice mixed with that fish flopping around in the Faith No More video for "Epic." The less said about this, the better. I don't want to hurt my buzz around this division.

Flyweight (114 lbs/52kg)

Misha Aloyan (Russia) vs Samir Brahimi (Algeria)
Juliao Henriques (Brazil) vs Jeyvier Cintron Ocasio (Puerto Rico)

Jasurbek Latipov (Uzbekistan) vs Hesham Abdelaal (Egypt)
Tugstsogt Nyambayar (Mongolia) vs Vincenzo Picardi (Italy)

Nordine Oubaali (France) vs Rau'Shee Warren (United States)
Michael Conlan (Ireland) vs Duke Micah (Ghana)

Chatchai Butdee (Thailand) vs Robeisy Ramirez (Cuba)
Ilyas Suleimenov (Kazakhstan) vs Andrew Selby (Great Britain)

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