Chavez vs Martinez : A Snowball's Chance in Hell

We all laughed. I know I did. When we saw Julio Cesar Chavez Jr throwing out the fist ball at Dodger stadium last year, almost every one of us did.

Not only did we laugh at him, we laughed at everything about him. Or just about everything. The fact that he was being promoted on the back of his father's good name made everything the Kid did, even the mere mention of his name, infuriating.

Talk about Lucky Sperm Club. The Kid was being fed with the silver spoon he was born with; that his father earned through battles and wars the likes of which the Kid would likely never see. Until and unless.

One last victory over Andy Lee, albeit a performance which highlighted some serious bad intentions and a chin only God can give, and suddenly he is being matched with one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world, Sergio Martinez.

Are they serious?

Maybe. It certainly appears that this fight, already announced, is getting ready to be promoted. Martinez has already begun his press initiative. Junior can't be far behind.

The questions that will get answered soon enough are first and foremost, will they sign and if so, under what terms. Then of course we will have to wait to see if they ever get in the ring in September. We all know how hard it i to make fights and how easily they fall apart.

My bet is they will meet. And fight.

I think young Julio has found a new motivation and guidance under his father's watchful eye. He is no longer working with Alex Ariza and is now training but two weeks or so with Freddie Roach. His team is Mexican. And by appearances, they have the Kid on a fast track.

The Question is whether it is too fast.

For most of us, we have tolerated the Name being fed to us. I would venture to say that at one time or another, many of us have been waiting to see the Kid served. Cold. Count me among them; that is, until now.

I think Junior has more than a snowball's chance in hell; not much but neither does a snowball in Vegas. I think his dad sees something we might not. His boy may have finally grown up. He has become serious. And that maybe...just maybe...he is just big and strong enough to do what Kelly Pavlik started but couldn't finish; beating Sergio Martinez in the middle rounds and then falling short.

Caveat. I am not nor have ever been a huge Martinez fan. I respect him. I neither doubt nor question the respect and regard he has earned in the ring and in this community. He has put on some marvelous performances. So let's just call it preference. I do not think he is an invincible force. Not in the least. I just think he just hasn't met his match.

Do I think Young Julio can beat him? No, not really. Do I think he has a snowball's chance in hell? Hell yeah. I do.

What about you?

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