MMA Fighters Who Could Be Good As Boxers

This one is for all the MMA fans who love to discuss the limitations and liabilities of boxers were they to enter the Octagon.

For the sake of arguement, let us for a moment ponder the prospects and fate of those MMA fighters, with their incredible strengths and advantages; their grappling skills, their ground game, their multiplicity of martial arts experience, fighting a boxer in the squared circle.

Padded gloves, hands only, strike or be struck. You get my drift. Hard men in a soft man's game. I mean hell, they use eight ounce gloves in boxing.

I write this openly as fan of boxing; the once one and only 'Hurt' Game. The Sweet Science. I know my fighters and their history and I do not know MMA well at all. So please forgive my ignorance when I ask the title question:

Which MMA Fighters Who Could Be Good As Boxers?

Boxers spend their lives in many cases learning and honing a particular set of skills. In all but the most rare cases, if you do not have coonsiderable seasoning, you will not succeed and you will certainly not become a champion. Those skills are specific but have been demonstrated to be potentially lethal.

I realize that the real greats in every sport, MMA included, have practiced and learned for years. Correct me if I m wrong however, but my understanding of MMA is that with relatively limited professional experience, men have become champions. Again, please correct me if I am wrong for it is not my aim to bash. It is to learn.

I have seen Anderson Silva and know he is special. I have seen George St Pierre and know he is as well. My question however is not whether or not these two or any other MMA fighters is great. It is whether they could survive and/or thrive in a boxing ring.

I'm Pakinpower....and I'm listening. lol

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