Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Bantamweights: Britain's Campbell Advances, Ref Disgrace in Japan-Azerbaijan Bout

Great Britain bantamweight Luke Campbell moved to the quarterfinals in London with a win over Italy's Jahyn Vittorio Parrinello. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

The bantamweights have wrapped up their second round, and the quarterfinal matchups are set. Here's a rundown of their afternoon results in London, and updated brackets at the bottom of the post.

[ Morning Results: Bantamweight / Heavyweight / S. Heavyweight ]
Round of 32 Recap and Notes ]

Luke Campbell (Great Britain) def. Jahyn Vittorio Parrinello (Italy), 11-9: Campbell was really tight, seemed a bundle of nerves, and wasn't at his best here. Due credit to Parrinello, though, who gave Campbell some trouble by getting in close and doing some decent work. The Brit moves on as expected, but will need a better effort going forward. Won't be getting easier.

Detelin Dalakliev (Bulgaria) def. Ibrahim Balla (Australia), 14-10: Balla showed real improvements over his first fight, but didn't get the nod here. I thought he got the shaft in a 6-3 final round for Dalakliev, who led by one heading into the round. I really thought Balla deserved the win, as he was better in the third. But that's what you get with this goofy ass scoring system. Solid, competitive fight otherwise.

Mohamed Amine Ouadahi (Algeria) de. William Encarnacion (Dominican Republic), 16-10: Text version of Encarnacion's performance: Rush, hold, hold, hold, rush, hold, hold, slop, hold, hold. Awful fight, really.

Magomed Abdulhamidov (Azerbaijan) def. Satoshi Shimizu (Japan), 22-17: First really, really clear instance of some horrendous officiating. The referee let Abdulhamidov flop around the ring, fall down about ten times in the third round, and did nothing. One warning is all Abdulhamidov got. The referee was a disgrace.

UPDATE (8:41 p.m. EDT): Japan's Shimizu will advance instead of Abdulhamidov, as the AIBA has overturned the decision and awarded the win to Shimizu, as they should have.

Bantamweight (123 lbs/56kg)

Lazaro Alvarez (Cuba) vs Robenilson Vieira (Brazil)
John Joe Nevin (Ireland) vs Oscar Valdez (Mexico)

Luke Campbell (Great Britain) vs Detelin Dalakliev (Bulgaria)
Mohamed Amine Ouadahi (Algeria) vs Satoshi Shimizu (Japan)

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