Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Middleweights: Great Britain's Ogogo Shocks Top-Seeded Khytrov

Middleweight Anthony Ogogo of Great Britain shocked Ukraine's Ievgen Khytrov this morning in London, but many disagreed with the decision. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

The middleweights are done in London for the morning, and there was a huge upset in the first round, but there might be more to come from that if what we're hearing is correct. Here's the rundown.

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Anthony Ogogo (Great Britain) def. Ievgen Khytrov (Ukraine), 18-18, then 52-52 on countback, judges choice: After the official score was tied, they added it all up. And it was tied. At that point, the judges simply press a button and choose. They chose Ogogo, the home fighter. It is very debatable, but I don't think a proper robbery. Ogogo gave an incredible effort against the world No. 1 middleweight, and leaves with as close a win as we've seen in the 2012 games. Khytrov did lose the first round, which went to Ogogo 5-3, and if he'd been a point better that round, then it's a 19-18 win for him. He didn't, and it wasn't. Ogogo did take a pair of eight-counts in the second round, although the second eight-count was questionable at best and nonsense at worst, and eight-counts only count for a point anyway. It was a very, very hard-fought battle, and one of the best fights we've seen so far.

LATE ADDITION: Team Ukraine have reportedly filed a protest, though Khytrov himself has stated he's not upset about the decision and wishes Ogogo luck going forward.

Stefan Hartel (Germany) def. Darren O'Neill (Ireland), 19-12: Technically, this was another sizable upset, as Hartel was the bookie underdog, but after seeing them both in the first round, this didn't surprise me at all. Hartel has flown under the radar, it seems, as he's very sound, very efficient, and very good. He outclassed O'Neill in this one. The Irish captain is eliminated, and Hartel moves on to face Ogogo. Hartel might be a legitimate gold threat right now. With Khytrov out, this division opens up big-time.

Zoltan Harcsa (Hungary) def. Mujandjae Kasuto (Namibia), 16-7: Didn't like the last round score here at all (8-4 for Harcsa), but the win was clear, and the basic but effective Harcsa moves through to the quarterfinals. Kasuto was outclassed through two, but gave it a run in the third.

Esquiva Falcao (Brazil) def. Soltan Migitinov (Azerbaijan), 24-11: Migitinov never gave up. He also never came close to winning, as he was easily defeated by the Brazilian, who moves on to face Harcsa.

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