Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Middleweights: USA's Gausha Beaten By India's Singh in Heartbreaker

Terrell Gausha (seen here in his first fight of the Olympics) dropped a heartbreaker, 16-15, to India's Vijender Singh. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

Day six of the Olympic games is behind us, at least in the boxing world. Here are the middleweight results from this afternoon. Team USA dropped their seventh straight fight, but this time, it wasn't one of our guys just being beaten by a better fighter. This one was tough.

[ Morning Results: Lighweights / Middleweights ]
[ Afternoon Results:
Lightweights ]

Abbos Atoev (Uzbekistan) def. Bogdan Juratoni (Romania), 12-10: This was highway robbery. Atoev wanted it to be over from the second round on. Somehow he got a 3-2 card in the third round. No way whatsoever he won the third round. Indefensible.

Vijender Singh (India) def. Terrell Gausha (United States), 16-15: This is the first fight the Americans have lost that I thought our guy had an actual argument. The rest have been clean and clear. Like Diaz and Ramirez, Gausha has a pro career waiting for him. I don't have any tremendous issue with this decision (some do, but Kevin Durant thought Joseph Diaz Jr was robbed by Lazaro Alvarez, and he was not), but I thought Gausha should have just nicked it.

Adem Kilicci (Turkey) def. Aleksandar Drenovak (Serbia), 20-11: Serbia's only fighter in the games is out, and was clearly beaten here, outclassed by Kilicci.

Ryoto Murata (Japan) def. Abdelmalek Rahou (Algeria), 21-12: Murata had a fair bit of hype coming into the Olympics, and he met those expectations with a terrific showing against a good fighter. Murata vs Kilicci next round shapes up to be a truly excellent fight, very good, strong, skilled fighters, the both of them.

Quarterfinal Matchups - Middleweights (165 lbs/75kg)

Anthony Ogogo (Great Britain) vs Stefan Hartel (Germany)
Zoltan Harcsa (Hungary) vs Esquiva Falcao (Brazil)

Abbos Atoev (Uzbekistan) def. Vijender Singh (India)
Adem Kilicci (Turkey) def. Ryoto Murata (Japan)

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