Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Flyweights: Aloyan, Cintron, Latipov, Nyambayar Advance

Jeyvier Cintron (seen here in the round of 32) of Puerto Rico got past Brazil's Juliao Henriques this morning in London, advancing to the flyweight quarterfinals. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

The flyweights have set their first two quarterfinal bouts after four round of 16 fights this morning in London, and world No. 1 Misha Aloyan of Russia has advanced through. Our live coverage continues here, with four early welterweight bouts up next.

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Lightweights / Middleweights ]
London 2012 - Round of 32 Boxing Recap ]

Misha Aloyan (Russia) def. Samir Brahimi (Algeria), 14-9: A really solid showing for Algeria's Brahimi, who hung tough with the world No. 1 and top-seeded fighter here at the Olympics. Aloyan started a hair slow with a 4-3 first round, but then took the second and third 5-3, and both of those rounds saw the Russian heating up a bit. He should be better going forward, but a lot of this is due to Brahimi fighting well.

Jeyvier Cintron (Puerto Rico) def. Juliao Henriques (Brazil), 18-13: Cintron was fortunate to get by Oteng Oteng of Botswana (14-12) in the round of 32, but this one he definitely and clearly won with a good showing. The two had met before in a prior tournament, with Cintron winning that meeting, 19-10. Aloyan is next for the Puerto Rican teenager, who remains gold medal favorite in the haircut competition.

Jasurbek Latipov (Uzbekistan) def. Hesham Abdelaal (Egypt), 21-11: 6-4, 9-4, and 6-3 rounds for Latipov, clear and complete winner in each of them. The Uzbek, who had a bye in the round of 32, was a good, boxer in there, just outclassing Abdelaal. "Outclassed" should be a word we use less as we go on. It's gotten a lot of play so far.

Tugstsogt Nyambayar (Mongolia) def. Vincenzo Picardi (Italy), 17-16: Great stuff. Nyambayar lost the first round 6-4, then won 6-4 and 7-6 with a big offensive surge. BBC commentators figured this was like the last Olympics for Picardi, 28. He was heartbroken by the loss, as you'd expect. The fight was really, really good, and Nyambayar stands out again as someone to watch for sure. If anything, this wasn't really as close as it was scored. Nyambayar dominated the third round, but only got credit for a 7-6 round.

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