Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Light Flyweights: South Korea's Jonghun Shin Shocked By Bulgaria's Aleksandrov

Russia's David Ayrapetyan, Turkey's Ferhat Pehlivan, Thailand's Kaeo Pongprayoon, and South Korea's Jonghun Shin qualified for the light welterweight quarterfinals this afternoon.

The light flyweight quarterfinals are all set, after four more fighters qualified for the next round, and four were eliminated from the competition this afternoon in London. Here are the results.

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Light Flyweight (108 lbs/49kg)

David Ayrapetyan (Russia) def. Jantony Ortiz (Puerto Rico), 15-13: Difference was a 5-3 second round for Ayrapetyan. Ortiz could have won this fight, and has a bright future. Ayrapetyan is a quality fighter. Good stuff here.

Ferhat Pehlivan (Turkey) def. Ramy Elawady (Egypt), 20-6: Elawady might as well have quit after the first round, as he gave a solid effort, seemed to be quite competitive with Pehlivan, and yet was down 8-3 after three minutes. Five points can be basically impossible to overcome, so it was pretty much over there. It never really got better after that. It was 13-5 after two, and then Elawady scored only a point in the third. Pehlivan won for real, but the 8-3 was still bad, no matter how you slice it. That's a major thing: Even when the right guy wins, the scores are STILL questionable all the time.

Kaeo Pongprayoon (Thailand) def. Carlos Quipo (Ecuador), 10-6: Low-scoring but enjoyable fight. Thai fans are great. Olympic staff telling them to knock it off not so much. People booed that. But they seemed to largely ignore it anyway. Good for them. They brought a few fighters from Thailand, let their excellent fans cheer their hearts out when they're in the ring.

Aleksander Aleksandrov (Bulgaria) def. Jonghun Shin (South Korea), 15-14: Shin was No. 1 ranked by AIBA coming in, but didn't look it for two rounds, though he led 9-7. In the third, Aleksandrov had a big swing, for once actually scored by the judges, and won the round 8-5, nicking the contest and taking out one of the top hopes. The 27-year-old Bulgarian scores one of the biggest upsets we'll see in London. Big time stuff.

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