Olympics 2012 Boxing Results - Light Welterweights: Britain's Stalker Wins, Ukraine's Berinchyk Survives Scare

Great Britain's Tom Stalker defeated Manoj Kumar of India to advance to the light welterweight quarterfinals. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

The light welterweight quarterfinals are all set, after four more fighters qualified for the next round, and four were eliminated from the competition this afternoon in London. Here are the results.

[ Morning Results: Lt Flyweight / Lt Welterweight / Lt Heavyweight ]
[ Afternoon Results:
Light Flyweight ]
London 2012 - Round of 32 Boxing Recap ]

Tom Stalker (Great Britain) def. Manoj Kumar (India), 20-16: Scoring of first two rounds was hideous, resulting in a 16-9 lead for Stalker. They did nicely give Kumar the final round to make it look closer. Not blaming Stalker or Team GB, mind you. AIBA gonna AIBA.

Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg (Mongolia) def. Richarno Colin (Mauritius), 15-12: A good fight here, about even all the way through, but with Uranchimeg just that little bit better the whole way through. I guess CNBC didn't join this one until quite a ways in, about a minute left in the second round. That is pathetic and an insult to everyone -- both fighters and the fans watching. What do they think anyone is watching CNBC boxing coverage for at this point? Team USA and its one male fighter left? If Spence loses, will they cancel the rest of the programming and show features on Oscar De La Hoya's gold medal run in '92?

Jeff Horn (Australia) def. Abderrazak Houya (Tunisia), 17-11: Solid performance from Horn. Maybe a bit closer in reality than on scores, but I'll chalk it up to Horn getting a couple of the points that countryman Damien Hooper didn't earlier.

Denis Berinchyk (Ukraine) def. Anthony Yigit (Sweden), 24-23: Tremendous fight. Absolute war between these two, and big underdog Yigit gave it all he had and probably then some. Fantastic showing by the young Swede against a top-rated world fighter. Excellent stuff.

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